View Full Version : Mansion help! (for those who have found everything!!!)

08-04-06, 11:05
Lots of help with different mansion things please?

How do I break that Box in the "hidden basement" thing betwen Laras bedroom the libary? I can't shoot it, I can't kick it, it doesn't break when I jump on it. I have no clue.

I don't get those books in the shelves either?? :confused:

What's that hidden passage on the left stairs?

And one last thing, where's the Gold secret?

:confused: :confused: :confused:

Is there a walkthorugh for the Mansion?

I know... lot's of questions, but I'm really stuck now. I have done everything I can think of!

08-04-06, 11:15
Sit back and read some threads about the mansion and you will find all the answers...I promise you.

08-04-06, 11:31
OK... as for the box in the dark passage between the Libary and the bedroom.... if you read the manual it explains how to target..

Basically hold the left trigger, that takes out the guns then press in the right analoge stick and it goes into traget mode.. all most 1st person.. then move the target site over the box and shoot !! easy !!

The books have to be pressed in an order of color.. but it won't work unless you get the clue...

As for the gold.. well that in the main room with the fire place.. its one of the last ones you do...
If you stand and face the glass walls from the main room you will notice 3 spikes... grab and pull them down making swings...
Now go to the top of the right landing.. and if you have completed some of the mansion you will find a gold face with a tounge... you will also find the same thing at the other side...

Basically you have to pull the tounge of one of the faces.. and quickly swing across the 3 spikes to the other side and pull that faces tounge to.. if done quick enough a ball will appear...

You roll the ball over the circle in the floor... and up pops what you want...

This can only be done if you have unlocked the biggest park of the mansion...

One clue to every one if you don't use the magic binocs.. is that Lara will looks at everything she can mess with as she walks past... so don't run everywhere !