View Full Version : has any one got any cheats???

08-04-06, 13:38
hiya!! i was wondering if sum 1 had any trl cheats??

i have searched every where and i cant find ANY!!

thankyou sooooo much if u have!!!


08-04-06, 13:39
What version of the game are you playing? If it's PC then I think you unlock cheats with rewards (I've only got the No Textures cheat which is absolutely pointless).

08-04-06, 13:40
i think you need to unlock them. you can always download a 100% savegame because there are all the cheats unlocked

08-04-06, 13:57
If you play on PC version 1.0 go to GameCopyWorld.com and search for TRL , there are some trainers (didn't tryied them..)

08-04-06, 16:50
im playing the ps2 version!:D