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09-04-06, 11:03
Special moves

ok, i'm pretty sure most people don't know this yet, but there are special moves in the game
first you need to know that you this:
- if you're running to an enemy and have guns in your hands and press the crouch button she will slide and kick the enemy
- if you're standing in front of an enemy and have guns in your heand and press the interact button she will kick the enemy
- if you have guns in your hand and there's an enemy in front of you you can pull him closer by using the grapple (don't put away guns then!)

now there is a slowmotion move in the game

when you run to an enemy and jump and immediatly press the interact key or the crouch key lara will jump up kick the enemy in the head and jumps backwards while slowmotion starts, you can finish the enemy by shooting him dead then.

don't start posting this didn't work for you, cuz i DOES! you just have to practice cuz even i can't do it all the time, i practiced in the peru level on that doll...