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jojo the joyful
09-04-06, 16:14
Hi all (first post)

I am stuck in Japan, climbing the building.The last pole ( I think) where the bloke says "quick Lara it's going to fall", so there she is shimming up the drainpipe & every position I have tried, every combination, makes no difference, she jumps off in the right direction but refuses to catch hold of the sticking out bars behind her ( or ahead of her or aside of her, depending where I have put her, 3 hours later this is getting tedious.The walkthrough suggests I have to be quick but this is rediculus. PC version & keyboard controls btw.

Any advice or moral support welcome.


09-04-06, 16:16
Just make sure you're as high up on the pole as possible then press towards the right and press the jump button and she should grab the pole. It worked for me. I didn't actually even notice the pole was about to break until it almost fell away xD

09-04-06, 16:18
Hi, I'm here for moral support! :) Firstly, I played on the 360, so I imagine the controls are your problem. You do need to grab those polls, try pressing jump and then the directional keys towards them. If you're having troubles with the direction, try moving the camera so you are jumping in a single direction (left or forwards). Don't know what else to suggest, as it was very straight forward on the 360 pad. :(

Lara Lover
09-04-06, 16:19
Ah, That's the bit I was furstarted on. Just keep trying it and you'll def get on!

09-04-06, 16:20
Do you mean jumping to the three horizontal poles? If so, make sure your back is to the poles, and throw yourself backwards to the nearest pole. Then keep swinging and jump to the others, not stopping rotations. If this goes well, the poles will only snap after you let go of them

09-04-06, 17:16
I make the camera face Lara's front. In Lara's back you can see the poles, so there is a direct line between the camera-Lara-poles. Now a little after Zip speak those words hit the jump button, that is assuming you are still climbing.

jojo the joyful
09-04-06, 17:42
Thankyou all all :)

I have finally done it. I was doing all the right things (well intended to) but Lara enjoyed playing jump to your death. :jmp:

I have remapped a lot of the controls on the PC & that seams to help a lot in all aspects.

I am sure we will be conversing again soon :D, Thanks again