View Full Version : ##SPOILER## Arthur museum question.

10-04-06, 12:06
The little museum lara goes to before descending to the real tomb, was that a real museum or some sort of cover devised by someone who knew the real tomb was below?

Why did she go there in the first place?

10-04-06, 12:18
This area actually made me smile - if you've ever been to Cornwall, you would know that it is literally stuffed full of these little museums. There is a huge Cornish / King Arthur tradition anyway, and so these little museums were the Great A was supposed to have gone actually *do* exist! :D I went to shed loads when I was a kid (every year, we went on holiday there, and my Father in Law lives in a little Cornish village near Looe, so I have a lot of history with Cornwall ;) )

10-04-06, 12:20
Zip or alister says something in the cut-scene at the end of the previous level about how there was a rumour that the real king arthurs tomb was hidden inside there or something :confused: not sure

Kapitein Iglo
10-04-06, 14:13
as far as i could understand she found a shield in Kazicstan (or whatever it's called) and on that shield was a map that leads to the burial place of king arthur. that's why she goes to the place.

About the building: In the early days they found a fake grave which people believed to be Arthur's resting place. They built a king arthur museum on top of it to cash in some money from that fake grave.

The person who owned the place knew it was a fake and thought that somewhere around the actual grave of King arthur was there but never found it. The place went bankrupt and was forgotten. Lara does find the entrance to the real grave though ;)