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11-04-06, 17:15
as the world keeps spinning and we all get older, and generations come and go, what do you think will be invented. this could be within your life time or in a thousand years. oh and you can go over the top, there are no limits to what might be invented. personally i think floating cities. and esclators to outer space.

but what do you think

11-04-06, 17:18
Flying cars.

Maureen Errant
11-04-06, 17:20
FTL travel................no suspended animation.............Look what happened to the cat on Red Dwarf.....lol

Nah.........flying cars only happen in Harry Potter movies.....:ton:

11-04-06, 17:23
i thought you would say flying cars TRL

11-04-06, 17:25
These are a repeat of two posts I made a long time ago:

Future Virus

The year is 2065... Breaking news.... January 25

Latest virus turns your refrigerator into a cooker.

Security firms have warned that the latest variant of the Bagel computer virus: Bagel_abcdefghijk_Sub_variant_variant_XX is now targetting household refrigerators that have the latest MicroSoft 'ColdButClever' Operating System (service pack 381).

The virus exploits a routine that controls temperature in different parts of the refrigerator according to the goods that are actually on the refrigerator shelves. If a particular shelf is empty, temperature control is automatically adjusted, thus saving energy. Unfortunately, this latest virus makes the software think that there is nothing in the refrigerator at all and so temperature control is turned off. Once this is acheived, the virus then executes code that it is able to retrieve from the microwave (as all household appliences are connected), and turn up the refrigerator temperature to such a degree that the food is cooked.

Some industry experts suggest that rather than being an inconvenience, this could actually prove to be a new and useful invention, and like the invention of the cooker/microwave in the late 20th Century, this new 'refri-cooker' could revolutionise household food storage and use.

In the meantime MicroSoft are working on a patch that should be available by the end of the year, or early next year at the latest.


Future MS

The year is 2057 and Neteru twists his neck in a clockwise direction to log into the Microsoft Governmental Control Centre®:

Before you proceed with your memory upgrade, you must validate your existence by selecting THIS button by blinking your right eye twice. We will then download a copy of your genetic code in order to determine that you are a real person.*

Please see your connection speed in the box below, to see how long your upgrade will take.

Intelligence Upgrade Gold Edition Ver 2.35 28.71 Terrabytes:

Thinkonnect® Elite Class - 1.5 seconds
Thinkonnect® Equo Class - 8 seconds
Thinkonnect® Worker Class - Sorry, this upgrade is not necessary and therefor not available.

*Please be advised that during the process of validation, the Total Body Dissolution Algorithm® will be transferred to your core memory chip. If the validation process determines that you are not in fact a real person, the algorithm will be activated.

Thank you for using Microsoft Governmental Control Centre® Have a nice day.

11-04-06, 17:26
we will eventually colonize other planets. that's gonna be so freaking cool, too.

Maureen Errant
11-04-06, 17:28
:yik: :vlol:
Fantastic Net.

Colonizing other plants..............hope that there's a cute blond there.....lol

11-04-06, 17:30
lol and the dead will be revived! :D :D

Think Halo...

11-04-06, 17:31
ha ha NET- :vlol: 'coldbutclever'

11-04-06, 17:34
All fiction will someday be fact.

Edit: w00t! Historian:D

Maureen Errant
11-04-06, 17:37
ain't that the truth.:)

11-04-06, 17:46
Fossil fuels will eventually run out, crippling the economy and infrastucture of every nation. As machines start to fail, people will retun to a new Iron Age. People will become sun worshipping Pagans again and elaborate cermonial headgear will be in vogue again. Our modern sitcoms wil be revered by future generations the way we revere the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Harry Potterism will become the new religion and the Potterites will be fed to the lions in giant ampitheatres by the cruel Britney worshipping ruling class. People will refer to airplanes as visitations from the gods but no-one will believe they existed. Tom Hanks will become the new anti-Christ. And maybe they'll invent a tube of superglue that you can use more than three times at some point.

Maureen Errant
11-04-06, 17:54