View Full Version : Find the Similar Topics game.

Capt. Murphy
12-04-06, 08:29
Here's a game I just thought of. It might take off and it might not.:o

If you know of a topic that has been talked about before - go back to the other pages and find those topics then link to all of them that you can find (that concern that ONE type of topic) in your post. Even if they're closed.

I don't think bumping them would be too pleasant. No-body likes a Necro-Bumper.

Put the jist of the Topics in the Title then explain (if you'd like) what they're about. Then post the links.


Some restrictions should apply. Like Don't link to ALL of the funny pic topics. But if they're of a certain funny or cute thing - I think that should be allowed. Like all the cute kitten topics (cute puppy topics should not be linked to - unless you want to make another post about those topics). If it's Political related - get more specific. Like the Iraq War, etc. These are just examples.