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12-04-06, 11:13
Have a friend who is doing the walkthewalk marathon for cancer research.

She's looking for sponsorship.. obviously no one here knows her etc, however its something am a big supporter of.. if you can help i would appreciate it..



12-04-06, 11:39
Have you tried to contact pharmaceutical companies that specialize in medicine against cancer?
They might prove to be the most eager sponsors!!!:)

12-04-06, 13:27
I would like to help jaywalker. I am on the worlds slowest dial-up at the moment :hea: (so frustrating, took 10 min to open this) so I will PM you tomorrow when back on BB.
How can I donate from over here? If you can find out and PM me in the mean time it would be good.
(I was going to PM you this answer instead of a post but that would have negated the purpose of the thread.)
Good luck :tmb:


12-04-06, 13:41
Donate by going to the website and just filling in the form at the bottom of page, tis only way am afraid

12-04-06, 13:50
I make a donation every month as i do with the NSPCC. Its very little, but all i can afford i'm afraid.:(

I lost all my Grandparents to one form of Cancer or another and was heading that way myself until 18 months ago when i decided to quit smoking. Cold turkey ever since and i even stopped drinking AND biting my nails.:D

On the News this morning, i was listening to the report on the lady with Breast Cancer who has not been allowed the treatment that may very well save her life, because it is too expensive, then the next story was about Tony Blairs use of the Queens Aeroplane and how it has cost over £1.2M just for shipping him and the monster from the deep, all over the world on their holidays.

Do i need to ask whats more important?!.