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12-04-06, 18:45
Welcome to the Today thread

This is how it works:


My Mood: Happy
My Clothes: Blue Top, Black Trouses
Today I: Went to a farm
And: Fed baby lambs

You continue

12-04-06, 18:55
My Mood: Happy
My Clothes: Pyjamas at the mo!
Today I: Found my amnesia pills. Things are looking up :D
And: I ate a bowl of risotto :ton:

Lara Lover
12-04-06, 18:57
My Mood: Alright
My Clothes: Blue sweater, Brown top, Jeans
Today I: Did some work
And: I ate my dinner which was awful!


12-04-06, 19:00
My Mood: unsatisfied
My Clothes: armani jeans and hanes tank
Today I: started my diet
And: hate everything because i can't eat it.

12-04-06, 19:00
mood: happy
clothes: combats and stone t-shirt
today i: started making coverart for competition, done my dt coursework
and: am looking forward for the apprentice and DH

12-04-06, 19:11
Mood: bored and apathetic
Clothes: PJ's :D
Today I: hate the rest of my Easter sweets... :p
And: I'm really looking forward to have dinner :D

12-04-06, 19:14
Mood: Nostalgic
Clothes: Pink Pj capris and a black pink floyd tshirt
Today I: Watched a movie
And: Put off my Essay

12-04-06, 19:24
The today thread?Dude,you watch too much Jay Leno...

12-04-06, 19:25
My Mood: Happy
My Clothes: black trouses, black t-shirt
Today I: worked on my model-home for school
And: i've played finished TRL in next-gen today on my pc

12-04-06, 19:30
My Mood: Very Happy :jmp:
My Clothes: Pink 'Killers' t-shirt :D And blue jeans.
Today I: Ordered the Kooks album :D
And: Broke up from school.

12-04-06, 19:38
My Mood: cheerful :)
My Clothes: blue t-shirt and dark blue jeans
Today I: Went to Tesco's.
And: Completely forgot to buy butter. :pi:

12-04-06, 19:38
ok,I admit it,bad joke!

12-04-06, 19:46
My mood: Happy
My clothes: Blue jeans, white t-shirt
Today I: Wrote a maths test
And: I have a headache :pi:

12-04-06, 19:47
My Mood: Fairly happy :)
My Clothes: tan cargoes, white tee-shirt (with tiny poppies on it), rainbow socks.....and the rest you'll have to guess :mis:
Today I: did some voice-over work for a friend's LE levels :D
And: gave Jasper lots of cuddles on behalf of everyone at TRF :hug: He sends you all big whiskery kisses back :gki:

12-04-06, 19:51
mY mood:euphoric (for lack of better terms..)
my clothes:don't match at all!wearing a HHH shirt with pants that don't go with a T-shirt to begin with.
Today I:attended class,possibly will purchase Legend.
And:have to get **** done today,homework and reading proofs

12-04-06, 20:04
My mood: tired, otherwise rather neutral
My clothes: torn jeans and a black shirt
Today I: went on a little trip with my sister
And: bought Legend :D

Tomb Raider Master
12-04-06, 20:09
My Mood: OK
My Clothes: jeans and a red shirt
Today I: completed 'Prince of Persia - The Warrior Within'
And: was happy about the beginning of my Easter vacation


13-04-06, 09:49
The today thread?Dude,you watch too much Jay Leno...

Excuse me but i do NOT watch Jay Leno....I have only heard the name once and I don't know who the guy is so..... :ton:

13-04-06, 09:54
My Mood: neutral
My Clothes: t-shirt and blue jeans
Today I: woke up early
And: fell asleep again. :o

13-04-06, 09:57
My Mood: Calm
My Clothes: Olive combats and a Che Guevara t-shirt
Today I: Need to get my art project near completion.
And: There's still loads to do, and I'm lazy.

13-04-06, 10:01
Mood: Sleepy & Tired
Clothes: Blue shirt and dark blue jeans.
Today: Need to rest.
And: Some more rest..

13-04-06, 10:07
mood:tired but used to it
my clothes: dark jeans, my fav pair
today: shopping for easter eggs
and: make food

13-04-06, 12:05
Mood: Drained/Tired
Clothes: Dark blue shirt, black tractsuit bottoms
I am today: Playing legned
and: Going to sleep!

13-04-06, 12:19
My Mood: Happyish
My Clothes: Mismatched pj's (yellow top with ladybird on it, pink bottoms)
Today I : Have done nothing but relaxed.
And: Not had a shower yet :o