View Full Version : Long-time coughs

12-04-06, 19:47
Have you ever had a cough that lasted a long time. *cough* Mines lasted for a week and a half, and it just seems to be getting worser. *cough* *cough*

12-04-06, 19:48
Nope, but naturally I cough alot because of my asthma :hea:

12-04-06, 20:13
My mum thinks I might have asthma! :(

13-04-06, 00:33
You should go to a doctor. Few of us here are MDs, I would gather. If you smoke, that could be the cause. Maybe you are using a new product around the house that irritates you - air freshener, detergents, etc.
More likely you have a temporary virus.
But you could well have a bacterial infection which demands treatment with an antibiotic. Definitely you should see the doctor ASAP.