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Lara Coft Baby
12-04-06, 21:11
i dont blame those who hate computers cause im starting to see why they do my computer was frezzing today and i was geting mad so out of stupidy i turned it off by pushing a botton on the computer and when i went to turn it back on a blue screen came up and said it wasnt shut down right and i can get into my computer and i am afriad that when my dad gose into fix it i might lose all my great stories that i wrote they were really good and i dont want to lose them and i didnt save them to a disc i dont know what to do im so afriad i might lose all my stories

Dose any one know what i can do?? I dont know when my dad will be home to fix it and i really need to get on it i downloaded a program called Bearshear that alows you to download free songs and that might be why its messing up but i cant get into my computer to uninstall it

12-04-06, 21:14
Have you tried going to 'Set Program Access and Defaults' > 'Add or Remove Programs'? Btw, I think this belongs in Tech support. :wve:

Lara Coft Baby
12-04-06, 21:15
no i cant get in my comp i cant get past this messge to get into my comp

12-04-06, 21:19
You can't get in your computer? Then how are you online?

Lara Coft Baby
12-04-06, 21:25
i have two compys ya no lol im useing my moms comp the internet is faster on this comp

12-04-06, 21:26
Hmm, your computer might have contracted some type of virus. I'm afraid I can't be of any further help, but I'm sure the people in the Tech Support will be able to help. :) Good luck with everything.

12-04-06, 21:49
Well I use computers all the time, know quite a bit from it, and have helped my friends sort out problems with theirs, and my theory is that computers only go wrong because the user does not know how to use it.., basically they do not know how to look after it, if you treat it well it will last a long time, the first computer I had my parents got and there were 4 of us in the family using it and this was like 8 years ago, anyway I took good care of it and to this day the computer is working fine, still ooks brand new and has all the stickers on it that came with it. If you want to keep a computer running healthy for a long time then follow these steps..

- Make sure you are running an Antivirus program such as "Norton"

- Make sure you have an antispyware program like "Windows Defender"

- Regularly run "Windows Update" to get critical OS/Security updates

- Only install programs you intend to use

- Do not install shareware programs/demo's unless necessary

- Do not install P2P programs such as Kazaa/Morphues/Bearshare/WinMX, keep it legal, stick to Napster/I-tunes

- Defrag your Hard drive and run "Disk Cleanup" at least once a month

- Lastly store music/videos/downloads on a seperate hard drive

Lara Coft Baby
12-04-06, 22:03
thanks ill do that but i cant do anything with my comp i cant get into it cause the messege keeps poping up

12-04-06, 22:45
Use your XP CD to boot the computer.