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13-04-06, 00:42
Just a little game. I know many members here like the monster, sci-fi, horror movies. When I first saw this one it scared the bejeepers out of me. Can you name the movie, who starred in it and the year it was released? The title alone would suffice. Difficulty rating 1-10: 5


13-04-06, 00:59
The Blob
Steve McQueen

13-04-06, 01:08
Bingo! So much for that! I guess it was easier than I thought. There are a lot of teens in this forum so I thought a 1958 movie would be too hard for them to know. The Blob was pretty good for its day, with no CG effects. Everything was done the hard way, with miniatures and reverse filming. Very creepy. A sequel came out years later called "Beware the Blob" starring Larry Hagman of "Dallas" and "I Dream of Genie." That film used trickier special effects and was just as creepy. A remake was issued in the 1970s which was also good and very scary.
Good job and thanks for viewing the thread.

13-04-06, 01:19

This is not from a movie, but from a TV show, what's is the name(s) of this mosnter? What TV show isit in?

13-04-06, 01:19
no probs, i wasnt that easy though, i didnt have a clue as to what it was untill i realised what the 'snot' on the stick was, then i knew.
i must admit it scared me when i was younger too, as did 'The War of The Worlds' both films are favorites of mine
i never knew they did a sequel to The Blob though...i'll have to watch out for that
the above monster will be from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, dunno its name though-probably just a Vampire

13-04-06, 01:23
Looks like The Master from Buffy? Needs a good facial in any case.

13-04-06, 01:25
One of them Super Vampires from the last season of Buffy, last few episodes...

13-04-06, 01:26
a facial...soap and water would be a start

13-04-06, 01:36
Im looking for the proper name of it :P


13-04-06, 01:40
Isnt it Turok Han or something like that?

If its right, someone else can take my go ;)

13-04-06, 01:57
From 'bring on the night'
The Turok-han, also known as the "Uber-vamp (http://www.atpobtvs.com/72.html#709me)", is an animalistic "killing machine" that, according to Giles (http://www.atpobtvs.com/72.html#710me2), is "to the vampire what the Neanderthal is to humans". Neanderthals (http://sapphire.indstate.edu/~ramanank/) are widely believed to be an evolutionary "cousin" of human beings. They used tools and had some linguistic capacity (how much is a matter of debate). Neanderthals and homo sapiens (humans) descended from a common ancestor (our common evolutionary "grandparent"). However, while human beings continued to reproduce and evolve, the Neanderthal line died out thousands of years ago.

Jack Croft
13-04-06, 09:31
Monsters are ugly nice find tohugh......

13-04-06, 10:50
Yep, Turok Han was correct :)