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13-04-06, 11:00
I was just browsing on Wikpedia when I saw an entry for something called "The Star Wars Holiday Special". I'd never even heard of it, although I'm not really a big Star Wars fan. It seems though to be regarded as one of the worst pieces of TV ever made and Geoge Lucas said that if he had time and a sledgehammer he'd track down a destroy every copy of it. :D

Chewbacca wants to return to his home planet to celebrate Life Day (our Christmas) and a 2 hour variey show ensues.

some highights at

[Link Removed]*

althogh without broadband it might take a while to fully download.

Having seen the highlights I don't know whether to laugh or cringe. Still, a nice bit of 70s kitsch! I may have seen it as I grew up in Canada in the 70s and enjoyed the original Star Wars but I honestly have no recollection of this! It's interesting to know however that George Lucas suffered a credibility crisis almost immediately after the movie that made him famous!

*Celephais, please don't post direct download links. It's bandwidth theft. You can link to the page for the download instead. :wve:

13-04-06, 11:24
Phantom Menace wasn't bad. For a hardcore fan maybe, but I liked it.

13-04-06, 12:30
I actually enjoyed Star Wars although I am not a 'fan' of sci-fi. But I was young when I first saw it at the flicks. I liked Yoda and the strange-looking beings in that galactic bar!

I was also terrified of Dearth Vader, I always thought he would benefit from a go on a nebuliser :D

13-04-06, 12:40
I thought Phantom Menace was the best Star Wars ever:eek:
Even Darth Vader can't top Darth Maul.
I love Darth Maul! So dark, so creepy, so menacing!:cln:
He fight and move faster than him too!:jmp: :jmp:

in these arms
13-04-06, 12:46
ohh, iv got a dvd which dawn french and jennifer saunder take the mic out of it. i hated the real phantom menace and enjoyed the other one. (the miccy one)

13-04-06, 12:49
OMG I'd love to have seen that In These Arms! That pair are a hoot :whi: