View Full Version : What Are You Getting For Easter????

13-04-06, 17:19
I'm getting:

*'Cadbury Dairy Milk With Caramel' egg
*'Smarties' egg (with glowing jug)
*Two milk chocolate bars
*White chocolate bar
*Surprise egg

13-04-06, 17:20
Nothing... :pi:

13-04-06, 17:20
Lindt Gold Bunny :D (pets it)

13-04-06, 17:21
Only cards and eggs I'm afraid, nothing overly special.

13-04-06, 17:22
Lindt Gold Bunny :D (pets it)

My sister has that.

13-04-06, 17:22
Hopefully eggs and i lil money :)

13-04-06, 17:23
Nothing... :pi:
Same here :pi:
Perhaps a chocolate bar...If I buy it myself :p

13-04-06, 17:29
Money egg

Lost Angel 21
13-04-06, 17:34
Most likely an object I can use, like a CD, DVD, video game, clothes, or money.

I have braces-it hurts for me to chew because I got a new wire in. No candy for this girl for a while. I've broken my habit of having gum or sweets. Okay, the gum part, yeah, but I still like eating choclate ice cream. That should do.

13-04-06, 18:01
Well I've had my present. A membership form for the local rambling club that wants £17 off me for registration :eek:

I thought that walking around the countryside was free!

13-04-06, 18:01
Most likely an object I can use, like a CD, DVD, video game, clothes, or money.

I have braces-it hurts for me to chew because I got a new wire in. No candy for this girl for a while.

Oh no :( I couldn't manage without candy and sweets :jmp:

im getting malteser egg, minin eggs egg, 5, and today i got a chocolate bar and a box of Hero's off my mates :ton:

13-04-06, 18:04
2 flakes and an easter egg...oh and a Terry's chocolate orange. :p

13-04-06, 18:04
I usually get chocolates, but now I would like to get Legend :pi:

13-04-06, 18:06
Um a sweet reminder that my family doesn't care about the holidays. HAHA.

13-04-06, 18:07
Are Easter gifts big tradition in UK? Never heard this kind of tradition:confused:

13-04-06, 18:13
The shops are usually bursting at the seams with gimmicks - over-priced easter eggs and fluffy toys. The best time to get your egg if you like them is after Easter when they are half price. I expect my mother will end up bringing me an egg, probably a free range one :vlol:

Lara's Boy
13-04-06, 18:16
I don't celebrate Easter, but I will indulge in some chocolate at any rate:D.

13-04-06, 18:31
An Guylian egg and money

13-04-06, 19:14
I just scrounge money and say i will buy the egg after easter when there about 50p and sometimes i do mostly i just keep the money

13-04-06, 19:17
Probably lots of chocolate and money from relatives. :wve:

13-04-06, 19:24
Well I bought 3 Lindt Bunnies today for my cousins, which entitled me to a free bar of Lindt Extra Creamy Milk Choc, YUM :D

13-04-06, 19:43
Lindt Gold Bunny :D (pets it)

Oh, I love them............but more for sentimental reasons than for the taste :D .
I used to get them when I was a little girl (about 45 years ago :eek: ) and instead of eating them, I played with them until they started to loose their shape and firmness.

And then I cried.....................http://www.eyecatchers.com/wbbs/Images/cry.gif

Nowadays I still get one and have it sitting somewhere until David can't bear it anymore and "slaughters" it.

13-04-06, 20:24
Originally Posted by mattscer
Lindt Gold Bunny (pets it)

There nice but there really dear if you wait untill after easter they cost abit less,but as usual all thses holidays are made to much of and cost a fortune

13-04-06, 20:36
Eggs and a surprise from my mom :) I wonder what it is!

Lara Lover
13-04-06, 20:37
Eggs and maybe some money! :p