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13-04-06, 17:59
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This has been mentioned in my topics, and I have replied with the solution many times, but the same thing comes up again and again, and its really getting on my nerves. So to save endless topics about this, please listen now!

To walk, you must eject your pistols, then hold shift and a direction!
However, you cannot walk without having your pistols ejected.

You many want to change your control setting to ''advanced toggle'' - which means when lara ejects her pistols they stay out, untill you press the eject button again and she puts them back. I have changed to this setting and find it much similar to the old tomb raiders.And it also means you can walk for ever if you wish! :D

Night Crawler
13-04-06, 18:01
Or...get a gamepad with analogue control. :)

13-04-06, 18:01
Or...get a gamepad with anologue control. :)

Or that, but if you prefer to not part with cash, and like the keyboard+mouse controls, then the above thread will help you, i hope.

Some Bloke
13-04-06, 18:14
Or...get a gamepad with analogue control. :)

No thanks, mouse and keyboard for me please! :)

13-04-06, 18:34
How do you sneak with keyboard/mouse?

13-04-06, 18:37
Hold the SHIFT key :)

13-04-06, 18:50
You can get ps2 adapters that let you use your ps2 pad as a gamepad on the pc there brill i have one ,i just like the keyboard

This is on ebay but theres loads out there http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Dual-PS-PS2-TO...cm dZViewItem