View Full Version : I can't manual aim! *Spoilers, maybe?*

13-04-06, 18:11
Okay, so I'm down to the last few rewards in Croft Manor, and I'm stuck.

I can't Manual Aim to save my life! D= I have the Xbox (original) version, and I keep pressing 'R3' in, but no dice. She keeps shooting straight ahead. And before you ask, the controller isn't busted. (The R3 stick does work /w the camera)

This is so frustrating! I love the game to bits, but this little annoyance is really driving me nuts. If I don't figure out how to manual aim, I'll never be able to finish a certain part in the Japan stage. D=


Lleonard Pler
13-04-06, 18:34
You have got to PRESS it down, not just move it.