View Full Version : Lara's Gadgets

13-04-06, 19:07
Ok so i have looked all over for gadgets that maybe or similar to the ones in the movies and games like what sony laptop is used in the first tomb raider movie ans so on,this stuff is pretty rare to find ive had no luck what so ever,ive looked for pda's like hers headsets allsorts any of you found anything similar to Lara's ????

13-04-06, 19:08
I've seen outfits, a belt (from the first movie), boots, guns and a headset kind of similar to Lara's in TRL. :wve:

13-04-06, 19:33
Know Any of the sites as i would like a headset like hers

Night Crawler
13-04-06, 20:13
You planning on raiding some tombs eh? :p

13-04-06, 20:20
Well you never know