View Full Version : What was the last thing you ordered of the internet?

14-04-06, 00:07
What was the last thing you ordered online?

Mine was Angel season 2...

What was yours?:cln:

14-04-06, 00:10
Guitar Hero

14-04-06, 00:10
Can't remember, I think my Spill Canvas CD.

14-04-06, 00:16
A ps2 memory card. :)

14-04-06, 00:33
Gillette Fusion Razor...:D

14-04-06, 01:40
A CD from CDBaby.

Gillette Fusion Razor

The best razor I have ever used. I have a very tough beard and have been looking for a razor that really works for years and years. The Fusion rocks!

14-04-06, 02:03
I don't think Iíve ever ordered anything off the Internet. :)

14-04-06, 02:14
tomb raider1 for playstation.:)

14-04-06, 05:56
The Missus!.:D

14-04-06, 07:21
Tomb Raider: Legend

14-04-06, 08:08
I bought 20 sony 1gb mem cards i bought in bulk and so i payed £20 each but there worth £60-80,looks like ill be busy when i get back to school

14-04-06, 08:12
Hoodie from Nightwish.

14-04-06, 08:51

Lara Lover
14-04-06, 09:18
Tomb Raider : The Cradle Of Life DVD.


14-04-06, 09:44
Yesterday, ordered new WD HDD.. cos the current one is randomly dying :( (ahh seagate HDDs :o )

14-04-06, 10:05
A birthday present for someone here :pi:

14-04-06, 10:06
Tombraider Legend :)

14-04-06, 11:48
tomb raider legend!

Lara Lover
14-04-06, 11:50
A birthday present for someone here :pi:
Wonder who that is? :D

Note : Not me.

Capt. Murphy
14-04-06, 12:54
A Magic VGA Box. It's an UpScan Converter. You hook AVs from your console system so it can be viewed on a computer monitor. I ordered from Play-Asia. I should get it sometime soon. The next thing I may order (as if anyone cares) is a Mod Chip for the Sega Saturn. But I will - only if there are 21 pins... somewhere in my Saturn. I'm thinking it might not have it. But I'll check later.

My purpose for the Upscan converter you ask? For recording music from a certain game on my computer. There's no way I'm lugging a 27" Samsung T.V. into my Computer room.

14-04-06, 13:36
Yesterday, ordered new WD HDD.. cos the current one is randomly dying :( (ahh seagate HDDs :o )

Thats the only problem with seagate there prone to just dying you will be fine with a WD i swapped all mine to them after one of my seagates went down i now have a terabyte of storage !!!!!!!!!!!

14-04-06, 13:42
TRL! and never ordering anything agen!

14-04-06, 15:10
Final Fantasy VII, cuz my copy was getting a bit worn, after having it for like 8 or 9 years lol!

14-04-06, 15:28
Wonder who that is? :D

Note : Not me.

hehe i think we know that one kyle :D

note : not me either

14-04-06, 15:55
Copy of Legend, and an black iPod nano. Can't wait for those widescreen iPod videos to come out!

14-04-06, 16:01
Tomb Raider: Legend... ;)

14-04-06, 16:01
Tomb Raider Legend. though i wish i had bought it from the shop now, it was £5 cheaper. doh!

14-04-06, 16:40
Tomb Raider Legend because i cant find the PC version at any retailer in Florida.

FEAR - My dad loves FPS so i figured i buy this for him since his last game that he spend playing all the time was Half Life 2, that was like 5 months ago lol.