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14-04-06, 16:19

Though Kingdom Hearts II has just about wrapped up its journey onto North American shelves, it won't be the end of the action role-playing series. A day after Square Enix held its Kingdom Hearts II launch party in Los Angeles, producer Tetsuya Nomura took some time to talk about the future of the franchise with Famitsu.com. There, he revealed that he already has some new ideas for the series.

Nomura is thinking of a new installation that won't be a numbered sequel or something that takes place between two games the way that Chain of Memories (Game Boy Advance) did. If fans of the series find that a bit confusing, they have nothing to worry about, because they're not alone.

"It's difficult to explain it. I'm thinking about how to talk about it [without giving things away], which means that there will be some twists to it. Up until now, the series followed along a [straight] time line, going from Kingdom Hearts to Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts II. But the idea I have right now doesn't follow that flow," Nomura told Famitsu.com. "However, as long as it inherits the Kingdom Hearts title, it needs to have some connection [to previous installments] in terms of storyline, so it won't be too distant from the other titles. In any case, this is still at a conceptual phase, where I'm thinking about what I want to do."

Famitsu.com also asked Nomura whether the next installment's story will take place after the ending in Kingdom Hearts II. However, Nomura only smiled, neither confirming nor denying it.

Nomura is currently at work on multiple titles, and he revealed that there will be more announcements at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo and Tokyo Game Show. Square Enix is planning a big event for the E3 announcement in particular, and the company will be holding a surprise ceremony during the expo.

Source: Playstation.com

Yuna´s Wish
14-04-06, 16:25
I hope they keep Donald and Goofy. :)
They might do whatever they want with Sora:D

14-04-06, 16:27
Cool, thanks for posting! :tmb:

14-04-06, 16:51
I hope they keep Donald and Goofy. :)
They might do whatever they want with Sora:D

Yea, he's growing so fast and getting not cute lol :cln: /just joking :D

I presume KH3 should be announced for PS3.. wheee ^^

14-04-06, 17:03
Man i would so buy it right away, i still need to get KH2... :(
But soon!

I really want to see them make one with better graphics, man it will look killer!

16-04-06, 07:57
I'm getting KH2 next weeeek! ^^ (also hopefully PS2 XD)

As for KH3, while Nomura is there we can be sure about an excellent sequal of kh series! :tmb: