View Full Version : what's you favourite game apart from TR

14-04-06, 18:35
eum, what the title says :)

mine is splinter cell, GTA and sims 2

14-04-06, 18:36

ben croft
14-04-06, 18:36
Hitman series. :tmb:


14-04-06, 18:39
Final Fantasy 7

14-04-06, 18:43
hmm. i must admit im only really a 'casual gamer', whereas im sure the majority of you guys are more 'hardcore' lol. but i love the Getaway series. oh and Soldier of Fortune 2 as well! :D

14-04-06, 18:55
Hitman series. :tmb:


Me too! :yah:

14-04-06, 18:59
hmm. i must admit im only really a 'casual gamer', whereas im sure the majority of you guys are more 'hardcore' lol. but i love the Getaway series. oh and Soldier of Fortune 2 as well! :D
I'm casual too.very picky about my games..but I would say Silent Hill

Lara Lover
14-04-06, 19:04
Resident Evil :jmp:

Paul H
14-04-06, 19:08
Tomb Raiders are the only action games I enjoy. 90% of the other games I have are mystery adventure ones (I have stacks of them). My favourite non Tomb Raider game is an old game called The Last Express.

14-04-06, 19:10
Don't really play anything else. :cln: A bit of Rayman, Civilization and a few RPGs. :)

14-04-06, 19:16
Fatal Frame 3: The Tormented or known as Project Zero 3 in Europe. :D

14-04-06, 19:26
The Legacy of Kain series.

14-04-06, 19:34
GTA San Andreas is a good game from my collection.

14-04-06, 19:42
Metal Gear Solid series, Kingdom Hearts I and II, Resident Evil series, and Silent Hill series. :wve:

14-04-06, 19:53
Ratchet and Clank, prue quality platforming, and there's a total of four games.

14-04-06, 19:55
I have a few other games but I only really play TR. I tried Myst but haven't played that in a while also Alice. I quite like the free downloads that gaming sites offer, little animated, simplistic games.

I am not really into Commando or strategy games like risk, I like 3d games.

14-04-06, 20:05
The only game I've seriously played is TR.
This is due to time and other commitments.
And TR really is enough for me.:)

Paul H
14-04-06, 20:12
I have a few other games but I only really play TR. I tried Myst but haven't played that in a while also Alice.

Myst is a great game but it's so lonely. Nobody about, anywhere.

Jacob x5
14-04-06, 20:15
Not just other than Tomb Raider, but my favourite game of all time is Grim Fandango.

14-04-06, 20:18
Myst is a great game but it's so lonely. Nobody about, anywhere.

Oh is there not? I never quite figured out what I was supposed to be doing or where I was supposed to be going! I'll have to dig it out again one of thse days :)

14-04-06, 20:33
Series like Max Payne, Silent Hill, Final Fantasy, KH, MGS...

14-04-06, 21:05
oh yes let's not forgot a spot of GTA: Vice City! :tea:

14-04-06, 21:06
F.E.A.R and Half-Life 2, with HL2 coming out ahead by just a bit as my favorite. Oh God, I cant wait until Episode 1.

14-04-06, 21:17
half life 2, sims command and conquer, etc etc

14-04-06, 21:30
I can never decide on a favourite but I feel in favour of saying Final Fantasy IX today.

14-04-06, 21:30

14-04-06, 22:07
FEAR was total crap, the frame rate was so bad in that game than even on a top spec machine you could barely shoot with any accuracy..., even if the gamepay/story line was good the performance sucked bigtime...

Tomb Raider Master
14-04-06, 22:21
Prince of Persia series ATM. :wve:

14-04-06, 23:35
Planescape: Torment. Best game ever.

Lost Angel 21
14-04-06, 23:41
-Tony Hawk's Underground 1 and 2.
-Tony Hawk's American Wasteland.
-the Urbz
-The Sims 2-both computer & Playstation 2
-Kindom Hearts
-Kindom Hearts 2 (I'm at least halfway through, now I have to rent it again)

14-04-06, 23:44
Quake 3 arena and counter-strike :D

14-04-06, 23:48
Final Fantasy; The Getaway; Gran Turismo; Half-Life; Grand Theft Auto; Counter Strike: Source, and loads of others. I'm also looking to get more into: Metal Gear Solid; Splinter Cell; Hitman; Killzone; Resident Evil, and loads of others.

15-04-06, 00:09
prince of persia, yuri's revenge :D

15-04-06, 00:14
Final Fantasy X, Resident Evil 3, Diablo 2: LoD, and Silent Hill 2. :)

15-04-06, 00:16
-Prince of Persia Trilogy
-Metal Gear Solid Series
-Splinter Cell
-Madden NFL series

15-04-06, 00:49
-Metal Gear Solid series
-GTA series
- and a little game called Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn

15-04-06, 00:51
Prince of Persia:the sands of time
Metal Gear Solid 3:Snake Eater
Silent hill 2
Rolo to the Rescue

15-04-06, 01:26
The Sims 2! :jmp:

15-04-06, 01:29
- Any Of The Newer Sims
- Grand Theft Auto Vice City

15-04-06, 07:42
From game series, I'll go with Net and say The Legacy of Kain. From sole games, Painkiller and Alice.

16-04-06, 15:32
i love Moneky Island games too! :tea:

16-04-06, 15:34

16-04-06, 15:38
- Splinter Cell
- The Sims 2

Then some RPG's and racing games :wve:
But I'm still thinking of buying the Max Payne games.

16-04-06, 15:43
Battlefield series + Silent Hunter II & III

16-04-06, 15:43
Burnout is pretty cool, no?

James Burgon
16-04-06, 15:55
Sonic The Hedgehog and the Tomb Raider series are the only ones that have stuck with me since I was like 8 years old and I still adore now. More recently the Silent Hill games gripped me, and a little bit of Command & Conquer got into me.

In all fairness though, I play anything. From GTA to Mario 64 - although recently i've been digging up the old N64 to play Mario Party with friends and a few (and few more :p) beers - that's some good nights I tell you!

Although, there's not many games I look forward too now. Legend and SH4 are the only ones I've been waiting for. S'not like as a kid when I was looking at my magazines of TR3 shots and begging my parents to get me it when it came out, haha.

16-04-06, 15:57
Well, there is the Splinter Cell sequel und the Max Payne sequel. Both very good and pure entertainment. And Need for Speed of course. But the older parts are better (Part 4 and 6)...

16-04-06, 15:59
Burnout is pretty cool, no?

Yes Burnout is super cool! Better then those slower NFSU and NFSMW from EA. Burnout is speed and blood pomping adrenaline! :jmp:

TR luver7
16-04-06, 15:59
i have lots...the Ape Escape games...the Harry Potter Games...and the Kingdom Hearts games :)

Hybrid Soldier
16-04-06, 16:35
Currently i have more then one favorite game.

-Splinter Cell Series
-Call of Duty series
-Freedom Fighters
-NHL 06'

16-04-06, 17:33
Yes Burnout is super cool! Better then those slower NFSU and NFSMW from EA. Burnout is speed and blood pomping adrenaline! :jmp:

and great chrashes :D

16-04-06, 18:20
I like:

- The sims 2
- Harvest moon (all parts)

thats it!

16-04-06, 18:27
Silent Hill series (2 being my absolute favourite)
Metal Gear Solid series
Gran Turismo 3
Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja on the NES
Devil May Cry 3
Fear Effect (really wish the 3rd game hadn't been cancelled)

16-04-06, 18:28
Warcraft series, Resident Evil series, many early AD&D abandonware games, RPGs and can't think of anything else now...

16-04-06, 19:07
The only game series I love as much as Tomb Raider is Team Soho's The Getaway series. The fact that it's set in London does it for me - I'm am a HUGE fan of modern London.

Other games I like include The Sims 2, Tony Hawk's Underground Series, Populous: The Beginning & WWE.

16-04-06, 19:13
Monkey Island games :jmp: gotta love Guybrush :p
Diablo series (even if the expansion was a disapointment)
No One Lives Forever 1 & 2
Neverwinter Nights
Total Annihilation
Marathon 2
Indiana Jones and the Fate Of Atlantis

So there's RPG's... RTS...FPS... point&click adventures... yes I guess those are my faves :p

16-04-06, 19:18
I like Manhunt, prince of persia, Beyond good & evil, GTA:vice city & san andreas, Primal, Splinter cell etc etc (the list goes on lol). I enjoy a wide variety of games!!:D :tmb:

16-04-06, 23:02
Final Fantasy!! especially X, X-2 and VIII!! those games keep me up 24/7.
i also like resident evil, silent hill (only played 1 and 3, think 3 is cooler), medal of honor, and some of the tony hawk games. oh and devil may cry!

average stalker
16-04-06, 23:37
i'm a casual gamer as well and the series i enjoy the most are Gran Turismo, Grand Theft Auto, NHL, and Madden (although the last one i played was 2004)

17-04-06, 00:34
Shadow of the Colossus
Final Fantasy series
Legacy of Kain series

Cyber Mantis
17-04-06, 03:53
Grand Theft Auto series
Resident Evil series
FF 6
FF 7
Half life
Metal Gear series

Argh so many games I like, I cant pick a favorite

17-04-06, 03:57
Legacy of Kain
Kingdom Hearts
Parasite Eve
... Actually, pretty much anything Nintendo

17-04-06, 10:23
Grim Fandango - greatest game ever!!

17-04-06, 11:04
Planescape: Torment. Best game ever.
;) Ahhh, an excellent choice!

I probably prefer the Baldur's Gate series overall, though... especially with the addition of mods :)

For console - the Jak and Daxter series and Legacy of Kain series.

17-04-06, 12:29
Fav game ever would be Final Fantasy VII. Coincidently my fav movie ever is Final Fantasy VII Advent Children.

Other worthy mentions...

Final Fantasy VI / X / X-2
Chrono Cross
Tales of Eternia
Wild ARMs 2 / 3 (playing 4 now, not sure how I feel about it yet)
Grandia 2 / 3 (Haven't played first one, plan to one day)
Dead or Alive 2 (wish the series was still on sony machines, I miss it and don't have xbox)
Burnout Revenge
Lumines (Best puzzle game EVER, like crack in an electronic form)
Metal Gear Solid 1 / 2 / 3

and many others that have slipped my mind, but the ones above are the standouts. As you can see, I love console style RPGs :D

17-04-06, 12:31
:yah:grandia 2 :yah: another person who loves it. i would love to play WOW but i cant as im only 14 and my parents are not gonna pay for a monthly charge when i am mostly at school.

17-04-06, 12:32
I can't believe I forgot Silent Hill and Fatal Frame! :yik:

17-04-06, 12:57
My favorite games are:

-Battlefield 2
-Grand Theft Auto Vice City
-Dungeon Keeper
-Theme Hospital

I am very found of the old Bullfrog games in general but DK and TH is two games I can play over and over again.. Must have picked those up once every six months and replayed them ever since I bought them.

17-04-06, 13:14
Dynasty warriors series - all of them (surprised no one else has mentioned this)

Final Fantasy series - VII = the greatest

Timesplitters 3

GTA series

Loads of games from the megadrive - Sonic series, Ecco the dolphin etc

Tombi, Tombi2 - these games are so childish but also for some reason really fun

17-04-06, 13:20
Hopefully I mentioned the Broken Sword series. :)

17-04-06, 13:25
I love the Metal Gear Solid Games, GTAs, Resident Evils and the Final Fantasy series. Does anybody know if FF12 will be on PS3 or PS2?

17-04-06, 13:30
FFXII is gonna be on PS2. Cant wait :D

17-04-06, 13:33
Tony Hawks underground: 2


And Sims Busting Out

17-04-06, 13:43
syphon filter 1-3, splinter cell, Halo, farcry, resident evil 1-4
especially the reworked resi on gamecube, Gran Turismo series and metal gear series...