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15-04-06, 13:59
Anyone loooking forward to the new series starting tonight? :cln:

15-04-06, 14:02
Err no lol. I saw an episode on the plane last week and fell asleep, not my kind of programme at all :D There was this Dalek chasing everyone then he floated up the stairs OMG he was so slow I could have cralwed away and still been miles ahead :vlol:

Lara Lover
15-04-06, 14:02
I am! I'm recording it on DVD too.


15-04-06, 14:02
i didnt watch the last series but i dont know. i loved david tennant in Cassonova so it depends whats on tongiht

15-04-06, 14:04
I watched the last series, it was good but got abit boring towards the end, i'll see what its like tonight, although I saw a program called "secret smile" with the new doctor who in and he was a right creep in it and its kind of put me off him, I know it was only acting but still..

15-04-06, 14:13
I haven't seen the new series but the old Doctor Who was always appallingly bad. Even the classic early 1960s stuff is seriously silly stuff. I saw one of the earliest ones a while ago and for the first 5 minutes I thought that it was childrens comedy show. Anyone who wants a dose of TV hell whould watch some episodes from the mid 1980s. But the theme tune has always ruled.

Sorry for the negative waves.

15-04-06, 14:51
I'm really looking forward to Doctor Who. I never watched the series until last year, when the new series came out - it was fantastic! :jmp:

Night Crawler
15-04-06, 15:00
I can't wait! :)

15-04-06, 17:07
Same here,got to watch it its got billie piper in it and well thers not much else on