View Full Version : Tomb Raider - Apocalypse

15-04-06, 16:12
Has anyone played any of the four 2D Tomb Raider - Apocalypse games on Sky Gamestar?

They're great games, loosely based around Angel of Darkness (so coincidentally are very dark.)

15-04-06, 16:40
I played a bit of one of the chapters, I thought they were great. I didn't actually have any TR games then. The music on the load screen was beautiful. :wve:

Lara Lover
15-04-06, 16:51
Do you mean Sky TV? If so, No I don't have Sky TV, I only got's NTL Cable!

15-04-06, 16:52
Yeah, it's on the Sky interactive channel (or whatever it is you call that thing). :wve:

15-04-06, 17:01
Yeah I played them. The second one was really good, it was The Shadow Falls.:D

Real Life Lara
15-04-06, 17:02
I played the first one... it had the actual AOD music on it before I got the ps2 game and I fell in love with it from there :D

15-04-06, 17:06
Yes i have there fun,abit like the game boy ones

15-04-06, 17:14
Has anyone ripped them? :D

15-04-06, 17:39
If anyone has a way of ripping from their TV... :p

15-04-06, 19:29
Yeah, I have! They were ace!

I sent an email to Sky quite a while ago, asking if it would be possible to put them up for download and they said they couldnt.