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16-04-06, 12:51
When I was growing up in the 1980s it seemed music from the 60s was almost taboo for someone who wanted "street cred". The Beatles especially were laughed at then, as weird as it sounds today (eg "Oh my God, he likes The Beatles! That's so funny! What a loser") So I suppose I've always assumed that there must be a kind of 20 year thing in pop/ rock music. But judging from stuff I've read here it seems that music from the 1980s isn't quite as reviled as way the generation of the 1980s held 1960s music.

But frankly I never actually paid much attention to 1980s music at the time and listened to 1970s music mainly!

16-04-06, 12:54
its ok. some tracks are really quite good and are classics but others just dont fit in with today.

16-04-06, 12:54
I adore 80s music.

Debbie Harry is the most amazing women ever. I loved her style in the 80s.

Here in Belfast, 80s music is liked more by people who listen to indie, punk and rock.

16-04-06, 12:57
Let's put it this way. If my dad puts on an 'Italo Disco' album, I lock myself in my room for a hour and a half :p

16-04-06, 13:05
Bands like The Smiths and The Cure still seem fairly popular.

I think the 80s produced some pretty good songs here and there, but to me 1980s production is just too rife with bad sounding synthesizers and awful drum machines. Even at the time I didn't like the artifiical sounding nature. Today they've age even less well. The 1980s also nearly killed the careers of most of the 1970s acts.

Still, I don't mind songs like 99 Red Balloons at all.

16-04-06, 13:07
99 Red Balloons.

excellent song but the german version is much better. our IT teacher made us listen to it every lesson so we had to like it.

16-04-06, 13:09
99 Red Balloons has also been covered in many different styles from Calypso to punk to thrash metal. I've got quite a few version burned on CD.

Another great song from the 1980s; Free Nelson Mandela by The Special AKA. :D

16-04-06, 13:10
Depeche mode and Tears for fears were my 2 favourite bands from the 80's.

16-04-06, 13:13
Depeche mode

I love Depeche Mode!

Most of my music is old music :D Who gives a ****e about all this shakin' booty crap we get these days!

16-04-06, 13:13
80s music is cool, the 80s were such an interesting era. :D

16-04-06, 13:19
80s music is cool, the 80s were such an interesting era. :D

I'll put it this way- Every morning for about 4 years I was thankful that Ronald Reagan hadn't ordered a pre-emptive nuclear attack on Moscow.

16-04-06, 14:40
80*s rules and yeah oso does DEBBIE HARRY!

but u all know who my fave 80*s singer is :D

16-04-06, 14:41
ooooo. hmmmm let me think. NENA. lol

16-04-06, 14:46
ooooo. hmmmm let me think. NENA. lol

You an' I in a little toy shop, buying bag of balloon with the weve got.

16-04-06, 14:49
I listen to 80's music all the time, but not the English ones.

Edit: Oh sorry. Didn't pay attention to the 'teenagers' word in the topic :o

16-04-06, 15:03
I'm not a teen anymore, but...

Eighties music is in general really awful!
But I like some modern eccentric trash pop stuff inspired by the eighties.

And I like Icelandic punk-pop from that time.


16-04-06, 15:04

and how do you pronounce that?.

16-04-06, 15:12
Uhm... I can't explain. :D
Their English name is The Sugarcubes.
Björk was a singer in it, before she went solo and became famous.

16-04-06, 15:24
I'll be honest. I enjoy older music - music from the early to mid 90's was brilliant - but 80's music was, in general, awful. :p There were a few gems from that decade, but nearly everything else associated with 80's music is bad synthesizers, tinny drums and hollow melodies.

16-04-06, 15:32
I like some 80's music, i prefer old Kylie music to new Kylie music, the same iwth Madonna.

16-04-06, 15:35
I can bear it, I suppose, but I don't like it. Mind you, I don't like a lot of the music that out nowadays either, but at least it's modern. :D

And I can't stand the Beatles! :eek: *runs screaming*

16-04-06, 15:46
I like some 80's music, i prefer old Kylie music to new Kylie music, the same iwth Madonna.

:D yup :D

16-04-06, 15:54
Some of its ok i suppose :D

16-04-06, 16:32
I´m year overaged, but... 80´s was great decade for keyboards, disco and generally electronic music: Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, Jan Hammer, Modern Talking, Madonna,... Many cds can be found my music library. Oh! And almost forgot, 80´s heavy: Iron Maiden, X-Japan,...

80´s fashion is another story...

16-04-06, 16:37
80´s fashion is another story...

:vlol: Bad people watch Duran Duran and Miami Vice videos in hell.

16-04-06, 19:09
I prefer it to most of the R&B crap that's invaded the charts thesedays!

16-04-06, 19:11
im split half and half. i like todays tunes but also the 80's tunes. more teechno

16-04-06, 19:11
Oh, I love some of the 80s music, but I'm more of a contemporary guy though. :wve:

16-04-06, 19:32
If you're serious about music, it's a decade that's as essential as any other.

Mission of Burma
Sonic Youth
Hüsker Dü
Black Flag
Stormtroopers of Death
The Fall
Pere Ubu
Nick Cave
Agnostic Front

That's the tip of the iceberg right there and they're arguably some of the most influential bands ever. So yeah I'm down with the 80's :jmp:

16-04-06, 19:58
Its all ok,i have to listen to it as my parents listen to it constantly so it drives me crazy,kid of grows on you after a while

16-04-06, 20:01
Living for 17 years with a 28 year old brother made me like some of it, even if I don't like a particular song, I recognize it and end up singing along to it :p and some of it was definitily better than some of the senseless crap that is released now.

I think that the only "80's band" that I can honestly say that I like is Queen, my brother's favourite band. I grew up listening to Queen and alot of 80's music, so I guess I like some of it...as long as it's good :p I'd rather listen to a full opera than to some of today's music *sigh*

16-04-06, 20:13
80´s fashion is another story...

The best part of growing up in the 80's! I loved my ra-ra skirts and frilly shirts, and don't forget the mandatory leg-warmers :tea:

And don't you be dissing Duran Duran, Celephais - I was their number one fan :p :D

16-04-06, 20:42
I think that the only "80's band" that I can honestly say that I like is Queen,

I was a huge Queen fan during the 1980s. I actually preferred their 1970s stuff but I have good memories of watching Rock In Rio and Live At Wembley on TV. I was actually on the YouTube website today watching some old live Queen performances (and there's a fair number there) YouTube has some songs from some of their well known performances like Hyde Park '76, Sao Paulo '81. I especially liked this

Somebody To Love Earls Court 1977 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovw5XfEEoyc&feature=PlayList&p=9696D50C48C9BAD4&index=18)

I always thought it came across much better as a live song :) Love the finale!

16-04-06, 20:45
My brother spent years looking for the Wembley show until it was released in dvd, thanks for the link, I'll be sure to show it to him :) Freddie Mercury was truly a great performer, the interaction with the audience was amazing.

16-04-06, 21:18
Personally I didn't like most of the 80s music. It was just too hollow-sounding and artifical for my taste.

I do like the Eurythmics though :D

16-04-06, 21:53
I do like the Eurythmics though :D*GASPS* I love you! :D

16-04-06, 22:22
Personally I didn't like most of the 80s music. It was just too hollow-sounding and artifical for my taste.

I do like the Eurythmics though :D

Exactly what I think too :D
And Eurythmics are great!

16-04-06, 22:24
Like any decade the music had it's good and bad. Mostly good tho'! Some of the songs then are a 1000 times better than songs today. 80s music has been pretty popular amongst my school friends (but I was there first! HA!) most likely due to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Which... I shall never play again with my mum in the room - every song she can sing along too, thankfully she's not a bad singer and I've went Off Topic! WOW! LOL! *shuts up*

16-04-06, 23:31
I like some of it. Depeche Mode, Boy George, and some of Madonna's 80's stuff wasn't horrible. David Bowie is amazing. I am rather fond of his and Mick Jagger's version of "dancing in the streets".

17-04-06, 00:10
I absolutely love 80s music. I'm just too embarrassed to listen to them in sight of anyone.

17-04-06, 08:38
I like some of the 80's music, but not all.
They're like classic and it's good to hear them once in a while:)

Mona Sax
17-04-06, 08:56
:vlol: Bad people watch Duran Duran and Miami Vice videos in hell.
Hey!! I like Vice. :o

17-04-06, 09:08
Hey!! I like Vice. :o

I like Queen too but I still laugh at their 70s fashion sense and haircuts.

Lara Croft Fan Joe
17-04-06, 09:11
I like 80s disco music:D and some others, but thats it

Mona Sax
17-04-06, 09:13
@ Celephais: Come on, how can you not like pastel-colored suits (sleeves tucked up, of course)?

17-04-06, 09:13
I love 80s music, my mum listens to it a lot, and I got into it while playing GTA: Vice City. :)

Lara Lover
17-04-06, 09:13
It's alright. I listen to some old Madonna track's. That's all really ;)

17-04-06, 09:42
i liked remixed versions of some but otherwise im more into this generations music