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16-04-06, 13:13
What's everyones hair colour? :)

Mine is boring brown. Turns dark blonde with a hint of red in the summer. I've dyed it dark brown for the past nine months and I prefer it like that. :)

16-04-06, 13:15
Brown, atm. I used to have blonde highlights. In the summer, my hair turns a lighter shade of brown.

16-04-06, 13:15
mostly the same as yours thorir. dark brown inthe winter and brown/copper in the summer. my friends think i have balck hair but its impossible for balck to then turn copper in the summer.

16-04-06, 13:18
Light brown, but gets bleached blonde in the sun. When we actually get it :hea:

I would dearly love to be a ruby red haired person though :D

16-04-06, 13:21
Brown:p But i want black:D

16-04-06, 13:24
Light brown. I have had blonde highlights, but now they're all grown out :(

Going to a hairdresser on Tuesday though :D

16-04-06, 13:29
Dark brown. almost black :P

Tomb Raider Master
16-04-06, 13:30
Brown ATM. :)

16-04-06, 13:31
I was born with red hair. Then at the age of 6 its starting to get blond. Later it was getting dark brown and now its black. I don't know whats going on here. :p

16-04-06, 13:36
Blue-ish black :p

Capt. Murphy
16-04-06, 13:42
Dark brown with a bit of pepper on the sides. :o I guestimate I might be white headed by the time I'm 50. :(

16-04-06, 13:53
Dark Brown.

Lara Lover
16-04-06, 13:55

16-04-06, 13:56
Black, and I'm lovin' it :tmb:

16-04-06, 13:57
OOh i want black to. But I don't want to color my hear. Is it good to color? What is it for risks?

16-04-06, 14:09
Brown, but I've been coloring it black every since I discovered it could be done :D

16-04-06, 14:16
Some people say that I can loose my hear if I color it. But many of mi friend do it:O

16-04-06, 14:18
I have Dark Brown. But its kinda red-ish since I have natural uneven red highlights. Weird though...I don't even stay under the sun.

16-04-06, 14:27
Some people say that I can loose my hear if I color it. But many of mi friend do it:O

Every guy loose his hair, its a matter of time when its start. With some very early and sometimes when they are very old.

16-04-06, 14:50
Every guy loose his hair, its a matter of time when its start. With some very early and sometimes when they are very old.

My paternal grandfather died aged 84 with a full head of jet-black hair. Strangely enough, my Dad is 58, grey and bald. I'm really hoping the gene skipped a generation.

16-04-06, 14:50
Dark brown, but right now it's red..that is red as in crimson and not orange. :tea:

16-04-06, 15:04
blonde. and messy.

16-04-06, 15:10
Dark brown, but I want to dye it something un-natural. Purple, electric orange or red-red, but still thinking... :D

16-04-06, 15:13
I'm a redhead. The annoying thing about having red hair is that everybody tells you off for dying it, because it's pretty uncommon. As soon as I get to college, I'm going pink. :D

16-04-06, 15:37
Red Planet - the permanent hair colour from the Schwarzkopf Live range :D

In other words, very very bright red :jmp:

16-04-06, 15:38
Dark brown, not quite black. :)

16-04-06, 15:44
ginger me :)

16-04-06, 15:47
Dark brown :p

16-04-06, 15:51
Blonde, i want it black!:p

16-04-06, 15:53
Dark brown ;)

16-04-06, 16:03
Dark brown, not quite black. :)

Me too. :wve: I usually get blonde highlights for the summer. :D

16-04-06, 16:14
Black. But recently I think it's been turning brown, and I've found strands of white/silverish hair and a red one. Weirdness.

16-04-06, 16:26
Males get their hair genes from their maternal grandfather (mother's dad), so I'm going bald for a long time! I have like very dark brown/black hair.

16-04-06, 17:08
Dark blonde but now it's light blonde :)

16-04-06, 17:10
Blonde. :)

16-04-06, 17:11
Brown, but I'm gonna color it to black.

16-04-06, 17:20
mine is in the middle of lightbrown and brown?'it's not quite dark..
and my natural color is dark brown.

16-04-06, 17:21
i just had my hair bleached blonde, and i liked it a lot. however ELEN here seemed to hate it, so just becuase of her i had the blonde all shorn of :p (well, not only becuase of ELEN, but i'm a sure a statement like that may make her day :D :hug: )

anyway, now my hair is back to it's natural brown, and very short. i kinda look like and imp...

16-04-06, 17:47
My hair is like cake, layers. XD From the top its dark brown, it gets light brown from the middle and the tips of my hair are blonde, they get lighter during summer. http://www.planetsmilies.com/smilies/rolleye/rolleye0017.gif

16-04-06, 18:18
I have blond hair......& blue eyes!!:D :p

16-04-06, 18:19
Boring old Asian black.
BUt at least I don't dye it an unnatural color like a lot of Asians.

16-04-06, 23:42
When I was about two it was blond, then at 6 it turned dark red, and now it's dark brown, almost black. It gets to be a kinda dark goldish brown in the summer time.

17-04-06, 00:04
Dark brown. I quite like it.

17-04-06, 00:20
Old dull brown...*sigh*

17-04-06, 06:09
Jet Black hair.:jmp:

17-04-06, 06:29
EDIT: Sorry, double post. Something wrong with the internet:(