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14-11-08, 23:13
No, she get tired and slow down after a while if you sprint.

You clearly don't understand that it's a game. It doesn't have to be realistic on all the point : If so, let's remove all the monsters, the temples, the artifacts. It's unrealistic! Oh, better : Don't ever allow us to play the game again if Lara is killed by a monster or from a longfall... We can't come back to live after the death right?

You're asking to change the gameplay, to make it more annoying for the realism... Ridiculous. I wouldn't want to be stopped every sec. because she's tired...

Core tried this with AoD, you couldn't hang on a ledge without getting fastly tired : It was really annoying...

Dont get me started about aod grip meter
i used to be sooooo peeved when i was nearly at the end and she would just fall off
she dont need to have a energy meter
its a game
its meant to be unrelistic in some aspects

15-11-08, 06:02
Please return to the classic tomb raider style menu system :) The new ones are very generic and have no tomb raiderish qualities.

15-11-08, 14:30
Add new "worlds" that are linked to real ancient civilizations.
Like Teotihuican, Machu Picchu, or even the "Under water pyramids" in Iwakuni Japan (under water levels here). Maybe even some Vedic culture etc. I was blown away that Thailand, and it's semi-Angkor Wat look was in the demo...beautiful and immersive. Heck maybe even do an ALL Egyptian game... bring in the "Hall of Records" and the tunnels under the sphinx : )

LOVE the very fact that we have Laura and her archaeological background!
Keep her alive and well guys....there's MORE than enough material in the real world to keep her interesting!

15-11-08, 18:51
Okay, so I delightfully spoiled myself and know how the story ends. Without saying too much, I just wanted to thank you guys for not going the Disney route.

I do have one question: the truth came at great costs, does Lara think it was worth it?

Cheat Raider
22-06-09, 21:23

I've always thought of lara climbing a tree

P.S I love how you' drawn her in her original outfit, when crystal dynamics came into the picture they really made themselves at home. I think CD should have left TR pretty much the way it was

22-06-09, 21:30
You do realise this thread is seven months old? :rolleyes:

Super Badnik
22-06-09, 22:13
You do realise this thread is seven months old? :rolleyes:This thread actually first opened in 2006! Why the heck do we need it back? Espically considering it's suggestions for a game thats already long released.