View Full Version : Your fave Parodies thread

16-04-06, 18:07
hi !

we all like parodies dont we ?
so why not post ur faves here :)
heres mine

?time goes by so LOWLY ?


funny cos its soo dumb.

Crap but funny


This one a little ruder..... so uve been warned its a mad tv skit
starring mo collins... http://youtube.com/watch?v=aTUsz_9B9RY&search=madonna%20parody

hehe.... the animated bit.... " 2 thumbs down dick tracey.... Cry for her argeintina cry very hard..... and also.... whos that girl ? a total loser :D

16-04-06, 18:33
I love Weird Al Yankovic :D His songs and video's are hilarious!

Ill try finding some of his video's for you guys :)

16-04-06, 18:42
i know some parodies and a sight that might have some videos. i shall have a look