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16-04-06, 20:41
I'm a member on a swedish harry potter site. And on the forum I said that i like Tomb raider. Then everybody say I like it cause I'm ***** in Lara. I said:
- How can I be horny on this:

And they just: You took a hot picture. Of corse you just horny. And then they show me this:
and this: http://www.geocities.com/tomb_raider_chronicles_2000/lara30.jpg

Then they said: Of corse you just horny. Look at her boobs.
They allways says I'm just horny. Have someone said a thing like that to you?
But really I just like the game. I HATE THEM.

ps. I'm sorry cause I'm using word like horny and like that:(

16-04-06, 20:46
...Swedes are kinda dumb, yes. :D
Jeg er enig med deg! :D:D:D

16-04-06, 20:46
Don't blame the Swedes,
sadly there are many of all types out there
who don't know what we know! :D

You horny freak you!:ton:

16-04-06, 20:47

I'm from sweden and mostly I don't like swedish people.

16-04-06, 20:48
...Swedes are kinda dumb, yes. :D
Jeg er enig med deg! :D:D:D

OMG are you from norway:O

Bra att du håller med:)

16-04-06, 20:53
I hate them too, but that's just because I'm Finnish :D

16-04-06, 20:55
Oh you know you are :vlol: j/k

Eh I get funny looks sometimes when I'm in the Tomb Raider shirt..just shrug it off :jmp:

tlr online
16-04-06, 20:57
Please don't bring conflicts from other places to our fine forum.

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