View Full Version : Oh girlies! Where can I get ribbon shoes?

Soma Holiday
17-04-06, 01:53
I think I saw some in a victoria's secret magazine, but that was a while ago...they're the shoes that come with the different colored ribbon that you can lace up your leg...I need them for prom hehe...

thanx if anyone knows what I'm talking about. ;)

17-04-06, 01:57
Hmm, I think I know what kind of shoe you're looking for... I've seen some at places like Urban Outfitters (not sure if you have that where you live). Your best bet would be to check any shoe store/warehouse. I know they've had black ones at Hot Topic recently, but I don't know what color you're looking for. They come in a variety of colors and styles, so it all depends on your dress. :p

Soma Holiday
17-04-06, 02:02
My dress is black lol...but I was hoping for some red ones...I saw a pair one time that was the basic bottom of the shoes, which was clear, and it came with like 10 different color ribbons...it was really awesome...just wish I woulda bought it then. :(

But I'll check around...