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17-04-06, 09:46
Well yeah there i am in school a few weeks back and i go to an english school so we all wear a uniform. So yeah my firend comes into first lesson without his tie and we have the stupidest teachers in our school. So our science teacher asks: Where's your tie?' My friend goes 'I was gonna put on my tie but then i got high!' The whole class cracked up and my teacher was like: 'Don't act cool with me...' He said 'Yes man...' She then got aggitated. 'Dont call me man.' He then said. 'Yes Miss-Man...' Its terribly rude but hilarious :vlol:

17-04-06, 09:53
At my school, your friend would've been sent out the room for that. :vlol:

17-04-06, 10:06
In my classroom, your friend would have been cleaning gum off chairs for me after school....

17-04-06, 10:17
:vlol: Your friend would be in detention at my school by now...

Though it depends on the teacher...

17-04-06, 10:19
hehe XD

17-04-06, 10:33
we have a really nice english teacher who would have just laughed and maybe gave you a funny manly look. our science teacher on the other hand is well annoying (i will leave it at that to spare him) and then our other science teacher used to the headteacher of barstable( another school down the road)

17-04-06, 10:34
we have a really nice english teacher
That's because *all* English teachers are nice :D :D :D

17-04-06, 10:35
Ours wasn't :pi: :p

17-04-06, 10:41
our english teachers irish, and every english teacher our class have had is irish. i think we have a frenchg teacher who is also irish. our school is being taken over

17-04-06, 10:43
No one in my faculty is Irish. We're all alcoholics, but not Irish... ;)

Awww, Kam... everyone should have a nice English teacher! (Well... unless you chew gum. Then we all go a bit spitty and weird. Grrrr..... pupils who chew gum = bane of my LIFE!)

17-04-06, 10:48
were allowed to chew gum in our english class but have to disguise it when someone important comes in. i think everyone shpould have good teachers and not strict ones as i suppose it can scar you for life.

17-04-06, 10:51
Well, there's strict and there's strict. I don't allow gum and MP3's in my room because they're against school rules... but we do have good discussions about games, what was on TV last night, we tell a lot of jokes and in the end I tend to forget where I am and get totally distracted by gossip...


17-04-06, 10:53
i take it your a teacher then. what you teach?

17-04-06, 11:00
English!! :D

(Back to work tomorrow...)

17-04-06, 11:05
Ours wasn't :pi: :p

mine last year wasnt either :pi:

17-04-06, 11:06
i am gonna hate going back to school :mad: . coz we are starting to revise for some of my gcse's and we all know were gonna do rubbish coz weve had half the time.,

17-04-06, 11:47
My english teacher was nice :D one of the nicest actually, but I always felt like strangling her because she kept spending her time trying to get me with one of the guys from class... she wanted to see me married to someone I can't stand...oh well.

Now my Geology teacher...that's another thing, if he'd do that in front of her, he'd be sent a note home and sent to the corner XD

She once threatened to send me a note home for not doing homework (in freaking 12th grade). She didn't because I told her that if I showed my mom the note, she would laugh her ass off.

17-04-06, 11:49
ha ha dollie, i would love to be able to backchat teachers and come up with smart witty replies, but unfortunatly they deploy the same old :cen: sentence of

' but im your teacher'

17-04-06, 11:52
Yes they're my teachers... but not my mother and she's the only one that has any authority to tell me to shut up :p

Well... we once asked my chemistry teacher if he used maxi-pads or tampons... and which brand was the favourite... and my teacher was a guy XD

17-04-06, 11:56
we asked our teacher wether she likes the inspector waiting in the doorway and she blushed so much.

17-04-06, 14:09
Bit off topic, no? :rolleyes: