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17-04-06, 13:37
I don't know if anyone else here plays the Sims 2 (I'm sure SOMEONE probably does), but I made a pretty decent version of the TR2/3 Croft Manor for the game (decent, but not perfect). Obviously you will need a rich Sim to be able to afford it, and it works best for just the one rich person (like Lara) as there is only one bathroom and bedroom!

You can download it from http://freespace.virgin.net/michael.bellamy50/CroftManor.Sims2Pack if you want to use it.

17-04-06, 13:38
the link doesnt work and i really want to see it

17-04-06, 13:40
You have to right click is and click "save as". For some reason it renames the file CroftManor.xml but just rename the .xml part to .Sims2Pack and it should work.

17-04-06, 13:40
how about a screenshot?

17-04-06, 13:45
Yes please!

17-04-06, 13:55
Hope this works, not posted images before...







17-04-06, 13:57
WOW that is so cool! How long did it take you to do?
By the way, the link doesn't work, can you please fix it?

17-04-06, 13:57
anybody got any goood sims houses for original sims ?

17-04-06, 13:59
Wow that is brill! Hey i might try that :D

17-04-06, 14:05
poor sim that gets stuck in that maze of hedges.. :hea:

17-04-06, 14:06
I did it over a couple of days, the worst part was when I realised I needed an extra row of squares for the wall at the front when I had built most of the house, so I had to rebuild the whole thing one square further back :D

The link should work, if you right-click and select "Save Target As..." you will save a file called CroftManor.xml. Then you just have to rename this as CroftManor.Sims2Pack (or maybe Croft Manor.Sims2Pack [with a space]). Then if you double click this file it will put the house in your lots bin and you can add it to your neighbourhood.

I don't know why it saves as .xml instead of .Sims2Pack, but it's simple to rename it and if you use Netscape it keeps the original name anyway. It's working for me so if anyone else can try that method and verify that it works then please do.