View Full Version : Laras security systems

17-04-06, 14:15
Just something that struck me: Lara must have plenty of priceless artefacts stored in her mansion, and no doubt has plenty of security systems as well, and knowing her love for deathtraps, do you think she has designed her security systems to be like that of a technologically advanced tomb? With trapdoors and lasers? Perhaps she likes to test out the security system every now and then, running and jumping and doing the classic "slide under laserbeam" move from the movie "Entrapment". What do you think?

17-04-06, 14:18
i think she gets winston to try them out. i bet hes a right little mover when he wants to be- especially with his tea tray. and i love entrapment- i must watch that movie again:jmp:

17-04-06, 14:18
no offence lol but thats a sad thought :p

17-04-06, 15:28
She will ahve security but not with traps,i imagine like the ones in tomb raider 1 the movie