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17-04-06, 17:12
Hi all,

probs joseph whats gonna answer this... Anyways how can i TOTALLY format the hard drive so nothing is on it at all.

im doing it for a mate he has a virus and its stopping him doing ANYTHING, so can you please help.


17-04-06, 17:29
Get Mcafee Virus Scan and Advanced Registry Doctor with Spybot Search and Destroy and then Spysweeper with Windows Defender.

Run them and the Virus will be gone without Formatting anything.

17-04-06, 17:29
Reboot PC and press the 'Del' key to enter into the BIOS.

Set Boot sequence to:
1st drive: cd-rom player

Press Esc then F10 to save and Exit.
Be sure to have the WindowsXP cd in the drive, when rebooting the PC.
Watch the text asking if you want to boot up from cd? Hit a key to confirm.

17-04-06, 17:31
Next: in the Windows XP menu Select " New Installation" ,
and select Advanced options.
Select to:
- Let me choose which partition to install Windows on.
- Use the setup files from the cd.

17-04-06, 17:35
he is using windows millenium edition.!!

17-04-06, 17:37
Next, the setup will detect there already is a Windows installation, will warn that 2 OS's on the same partition is not a wise thing to do, so either you choose a different partition or you must format first.
Choose the partitrion that has the bad WindowsXP on it.
Confirm that you want to format that partition.
Select the formatting method: Complete FULL format (NTFS)! and not the quick format!

17-04-06, 17:37
Thanks. Millenium Edition method:

Have a Windows 98 or ME startup floppydisc at hand, or create one.

In BIOS: set Boot sequence to:
1st drive: floppy disk.
Press Esc to go to main page, then F10 to save and Exit.
Boot up with the Windows startup floppy.
You'll get 4 options.
Select the option "proceed without cd-rom support".
You will see this:
After this type in the command:
format c:
and press Enter.
Format will start.

17-04-06, 17:43
thanks again joseph! u legend :):):):):)

17-04-06, 17:45
If you don't have a boot up floppy:
Let's Make a Boot Floppy.
Format the floppy and then copy the IO.SYS and COMMAND.COM files from C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\EBD to the floppy.
With My Computer... Insert a floppy disk into drive A:, Click Show Desktop http://www.duxcw.com/digest/Howto/software/windows/winme/startup/startu1.gif, Double-Click My Computer, Right-Click the floppy drive, select Format from the resulting menu, and click Start. After the floppy is formatted, Double-Click the C: drive, Double-Click the WINDOWS folder, Double-Click the COMMAND folder, Double-Click the EBD folder, click the COMMAND.COM file to highlight it, hold the Ctrl key and click the IO.SYS file to highlight it as well, Right-Click the IO.SYS file, select Copy from the resulting menu, Right-Click the Floppy Drive (A:), and select Paste from the resulting menu. All done. You may have to change your CMOS Setup to boot to the floppy. It it is set that way, restarting Windows will boot to the newly created Boot Disk.
Windows 98/SE boot floppies work fine with Win Me hard disk drives. Just don't put the '98 system files on a Win Me hard disk.

17-04-06, 17:50
After the format is completed, put the WinME cd in the player, and again reboot the pc from the same bootupfloppy.

This time, when you get the 4 options, select the method to proceed with cd-rom support.
DOS will tell you which letter the cd-rom player has, for instance: "E".
After you see this:
A:\> type in:
then hit Enter.
Then you'll see this:
After that you type in:
and hit Enter.
WinMe will be installed.

17-04-06, 17:53
Someone else describes it slightly different than me.

Well take it also then, see what's working better for you:

Lets begin:

1. Insert your startup floppy & your Windows ME CD, Restart the computer.
2. Choose option 2 "start windows with CD-ROM support" when prompted.
3. Take note of your CD-ROM's drive letter. It will be displayed in the text on the screen. "Your CD-ROM driver letter is _"
4. At the A:\prompt type in format C: and press enter.
5. Choose YES when asked to proceed with format by pressing the letter Y and then pressing enter. Format will run.
6. After format is complete Enter a volume label then press enter or just press enter for none.An A:\ prompt will appear.
Note: Your not required to enter a volume label, you may leave this empty and simply press enter to continue.
7. At the A:\prompt type in E:\setup and press enter. Change the letter E in my example to your CD-ROM's drive letter.
8. Press enter to continue so windows can run some tests. A blue screen should appear. Press the letter X to exit and begin installation.