View Full Version : Check this OUT!

Jack Croft
18-04-06, 11:35
I did these!:D


you like?

18-04-06, 11:42
Thats advertising and isnt aloud...

somebody close this :p

Mind you i love the first one lol

Jack Croft
18-04-06, 11:42
Ok Thanks :wve:

Capt. Murphy
18-04-06, 11:44
Yep... As in: yep. You did that. :)

Jack Croft
18-04-06, 11:45
on adobe photoshop cs2 its good not hand drawn tohugh not that good lol:D

Jack Croft
18-04-06, 11:46
i like the second one!:jmp:

18-04-06, 15:44
Do not open a thread in one section to advertise your posts in another!