View Full Version : Lara Croft..The Greatest Female Heroine!!

18-04-06, 22:01
Just an appreciation thread for the greatest female character invented. Not only is she incredibly sexy and cool but her tough as nail character and take no bull**** personality make her the greatest female character ever. Lara has now taken her place amongst the super hero elites such as Superman and Wonderwoman so instead of knocking Legend...just be happy that our heroine is back on top!:D ;) :D Legend just showed again how cool Lara is...roll on Tomb Raider 8!!

18-04-06, 22:05
We love you Lara! :D :hug:

Twist'O Lemon
18-04-06, 22:23
*gets down on one knee*..Lara ?

18-04-06, 22:24
lara croft: the ultimate tomb raider who is better than indiana jones

18-04-06, 22:37
Sorry, but Mona Sax kills Lara Croft

Twist'O Lemon
18-04-06, 22:41
wow wow wow ..better than Indianna Jones? Lets not say things we can't take back... a definate equal but come on, Dr Jones? :(

18-04-06, 22:49
Love U loads Lara

18-04-06, 22:51
Lara. :)

18-04-06, 22:58
Lara u would kick Mona's and Indy's ass anyday

Twist'O Lemon
18-04-06, 23:04
oh yeah for sure she would whip indys butt (no pun intended ;) ) but still hes like the first super archaeologist dude, hes her unofficial mentor :P

18-04-06, 23:08
lara beats indi and james bond :p

she beats buffy aswell :D

lara is THE ultimate video-game goddess :jmp:

18-04-06, 23:25
Since this thread isn't specifically about TR Legend, let's appreciate our Lara in General Chat, shall we :)