View Full Version : What should I play now??

19-04-06, 06:45
I'm sad. I just finished Legend and don't know what to play next.
I have already played AOD countless times, and the old TR (apart from me having no idea where I put them all) don't appeal to me anymore cos of the graphics (I'm awful, I know.)

So any ideas?? I haven't finished Prince of Persia 3 yet so I might get back into that, but what else? Any suggestions?
Preferably something tomb raider-ish

19-04-06, 06:47
Beyond Good and Evil

Lara Lover
19-04-06, 08:50
Re-Play Legend. :tmb:

19-04-06, 08:53
Gun i have just finished it and i thought it was good,but not as good as legend but still plenty to do

19-04-06, 08:54
The Elder Scrolls III - Morrowind :D Thats what I am currently playing.

Also, go get some good FPS (like UT2004 or MOHAA) and have fun :p

19-04-06, 09:02
yeah i've already played most of the levels again since i posted. But I got bored cos it's still too fresh in my head.

I will def. look up the ones you guys have posted though. Any other thoughts too?

Lara Lover
19-04-06, 09:05
Resident Evil 4? It's coming out on PC this month :tmb:

19-04-06, 09:18
Resident Evil 4 is a fantastic game. :)

19-04-06, 09:43
It is isnt it ????????

19-04-06, 09:50
Age Of Empires 3 and Far Cry

19-04-06, 09:58
Civilisation 4!!!! Great graphics, lovely soundtrack, excellent gameplay. Definitley play that one! ;)

19-04-06, 10:56
Civilisation 4!!!! Great graphics, lovely soundtrack, excellent gameplay. Definitley play that one! ;)

The soundtrack is phenomenal but I found the gameplay a little monotonous (i'm not a huge RTS fan though)

19-04-06, 14:03
The Getaway.

My logic is: I love Tomb Raider. I love The Getaway. By that theory, so should you. ;)

19-04-06, 15:18
Final Fantasy VIII :D:D

19-04-06, 15:22
ICO or Shadow of the Colossus!;)

19-04-06, 17:27
Shadow of the Colossus!;)

Seconded. Truly beautiful game.

19-04-06, 17:29
Soldier of Fortune 2! :)

19-04-06, 18:05
Seconded. Truly beautiful game.

:tmb: Yes it truly is unique in atmosphere!;)

19-04-06, 23:30
hehe sweet, you've given me heaps to choose from!

I haven't played resident evil in aaages. I got the 2nd one for my bday when it first came out but it always scared me too much. I don't like monsters jumping out and grabbing me.

Too scary :(

Amanda Evert
20-04-06, 03:21
Kingdom Hearts II, perhaps? :D

It's a feel-good game. :D :hug:

20-04-06, 03:25
Play F.E.A.R and the Call of Duty games if you like a good FPS. They're good! :tmb:

20-04-06, 10:19
Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion

..It's bigger than any game I've ever played. I've had it for a few weeks and played it for over 90 hours, doing as I please :)