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19-04-06, 23:30
Less than a week after it was first revealed (http://www.gamespot.com/news/6147317.html), Red Steel now officially exists. Ubisoft today announced that it is indeed developing an action game for Nintendo's next-generation console, the Revolution.

As rumored, the game will feature a combination of swordplay and gunfire, which will make use of the Revolution's controller. Also, as suspected, Red Steel's gameplay will be so dependent on said controller's motion-sensing functionality that it will be exclusive to the platform. "We have been working closely with Nintendo to take full advantage of the innovative controller to create a thrilling experience that can only exist on the Revolution," said Serge Hascoet, Ubisoft's chief creative officer.

Today's announcement, though, was not just a retread of previously known information. Ubisoft revealed that the game will indeed be a launch title for the Revolution, which Nintendo is targeting to go on sale in North America by Christmas. "Nintendo is excited to have Ubisoft bring Red Steel to the Revolution launch lineup," said Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America's outspoken executive vice president of sales and marketing.
Ubisoft also dropped the first details about Red Steel's plot. Set in contemporary Japan, the game will make players "master both the ancient art of the katana and the sophisticated technology of modern firearms, taking advantage of the emotion and immersive gameplay possible only with the Revolution's remarkable controller."

Ubisoft also announced its intention to make Red Steel a franchise in the same vein as its popular Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia series. It promised to "disclose more specific information on Red Steel in the coming months" and to show off how it would work with its controller at the forthcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo next month.

www.gamespot.com (http://www.gamespot.com)

20-04-06, 11:25
Well i see this went down well! I wonder how many people would be posting if it was UBISOFT announce red steel for PS3 :tea:

Night Crawler
20-04-06, 14:08
There was already a topic on this when the game was first announced.

20-04-06, 16:39
There was already a topic on this when the game was first announced.

Yeah, but it wasnt confirmed.

Just ignore me, i was being an ass :D

20-04-06, 16:51
Ah cool, go Nintendo :jmp: