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20-04-06, 14:24
Well, it was actually a dream to start with
About Lara-sort of and it gave me a cool idea
i basically dreamt that i read tha Lara was going to be a hidden character in a beat em' up game.
I woke up, though it was a cool idea, and then it hit me, Lara SHOULD branch out into other games, namely the action/stealth genre-she's perfect for it not FPS though)
We already know she can do it due to segments in TRIII, TRC and AoD, but they don't belong in a Tomb Raider game-so why not.
all you need is a decent plot.
The engine that they use for legend could easily be used for an action/stealth environment, and this way we can keep Tomb Raider in the tombs, and stealth out of it.
I even thought of a pretty bad-ass scene

this one is pretty much an action scene more than anything, but it seems pretty cool to me
*Lara is bieng pursued by some nasty bad-asses in a helicopter, and bieng shot at-she's on a roof-she has a bike, but unlike Legend you will have to navigate the rooftops, whilst avoiding as much gunfire as possible (health kits CANNOT be used...she's on a bike!) whilst returning her own untill at the very end of the level-the helicopter is blocking your path
you have to navigate the bike while Lara is pretty much stood up on the damn thing (like in the TR1 cutscene) but it is now harder to control, since your balancing on the seat of your bike-and you still have to avoid heavy gunfire.
She accelerates up the ramp and the bike flies towards the helicopter, if you push the jump button at the right moment, Lara will leap from the bike and straight into the gunner on the helicopter.
The bike crashes into theside of the chopper, and falls down to the streets hundreds of feet below.
Meanwhile you now have to fight the gunner in hand to hand combat-part of lara's new arsenal(hey this is an action/stealth gam) Weapons cannot be used as they can damage the helicopter-so the game will be programmed to disable them.
After you have defeated the gunner (by throwing him out of the helicopter-which will be quite hard) you then have the task of interrogating the pilot-using your pistols as a threat(he dosent know you wont use em)
using the analogue sticks to maintain the pressure you will then try to scare the pilot into revealing who sent them to kill Lara
(the pressure metre will be reprsented by a bar at the side of the screen (think of Lara's health bar in TR2 on its side) a marker will be in the middle...try to keep it in the green-if it goes into the red, the pilot becomes to scared to fly and crashes.
After getting the information she needs the pilot lands on a building and lets Lara go in exchange for his own life...she agrees, but just as he thinks he's safe, a bullet explodes through the back of his head (she can't take any chances-he might tell his superior)
Lara the goes in search of the man who ordered her execution (end of level)

what do you guys think?
would it acctually work as a game?
feel free to post your own scenario's/plot ideas

20-04-06, 23:15
wow...guess it was a bad idea...

Jacob x5
20-04-06, 23:33
Sounds like a nice storyline idea to me. :tmb:

20-04-06, 23:37
I like the idea, but I think putting Lara as an 'add-in' to other games would take some of the originality of her character away... Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see her everywhere and be able to play as her in other games, but she'll always be known as the heroine of Tomb Raider, in my eyes, anyway.. :)