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20-04-06, 16:53
Swim suit season is here, and if you are like me you gained a few winter pounds. I found a few articles at msn.com diet and health section with tips on changing your eating routine to help shed a few pounds as you get back or start a little excercise routine.

1: "Eat like a king for breakfast, a pauper for dinner." You want all your energy for the day to burn, not for when you sleep, unless you're a night owl. Other wise, your highest caloric intake should be at the begining of the day. Unfortunatly common practice for most is that dinner is the big meal of the day.

So here is some night eating tips:
* Limit meat to once or twice a week.
* Have fish at least twice a week.
* Have a vegetarian or vegan night at least twice a week, not relying heavily on cheese.
* Have poultry or game once or twice a week.
* Remember that full-fat hard blue and creamy cheeses are high in saturated fat and calories and best used sparingly.
* Remember that pastry is high in fat, mainly saturated fat, and calories; keep it for occasional use only.
* Phyllo is better than other pastries, because you can add your own amount of fat.
* Only use as much fat as necessary when cooking.
* Check out how many portions of fruit and vegetables you've had during the day, and use your evening meal to make up the total to at least five portions.
* If you enjoy wine, add a glass to an occasional meal.
* If your main meal is large, instead of having a dessert, have a snack during the day or a late-night smoothie so you don't have too many calories all at one time.

"While night eating in and of itself won't cause obesity, it is often the culprit for overindulging in unneccesary calories. If you can mete out your portions throughout the day, rewarding yourself with a larger meal at night can be part of a nutritious eating plan."

2: Controling the amount you eat is a little hard. For some of us, we might as well look like one of those anime characters stuffing our faces, others like to nibble, and nibble, and nibblle, and nibble to the the point we've eaten to much but haven't realized it.

* It takes 20 minutes to recognize satiety, so by eating slowly you'll end up eating less without feeling deprived.
* If you are planning to go to a restaurant for an evening dinner, then eat sensibly during the day: It is much easier to stay in control when you aren't ravenous.
* If you work at the office, bring your lunch to work and eat only what you've packed. With no other food around, you're forced to eat what you've brought.
* Nuts and dried fruits such as apricots and figs make very good afternoon snacks instead of something sugary.
* Leave the table when you're finished eating. If you tend to linger at the table even though you're no longer hungry, leftovers can tempt you to keep on nibbling.
* Stop eating as soon as you start feeling full. Wrap your leftovers up and put them away immediately.
* Having a small snack before a party helps you avoid eating more than you want once you're there.

Although I love pigging out at parties and resturants as much as any one(especially if someone else is paying, or maybe its a buffet XD), Eating till you are feeling full is enough, don't eat till you are stuffed like a turkey dinner. If you are as inactive as I am, lunch or dinner should be very small but healthy, like a sandwich or wrap. Simply avoid the urge to get that bag of chips at Subway, unless its those Sunchips or something or something of the sort.

3. If you are like me, life is fast pace and busy. Who has time for the gym? Not me! Simple way to solve this, you probably heard before. Try less driving, taking the bus or train to work, and instead walk or ride a bike. Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs. If your floor is really high up there, then take the stairs for at least half the trip up, but of course that may require you to get up or leave you home a little earlier, but some little routines will have your nearly lifeless legs moving and you avoid the stress of traffic. At a job like mine, a day care center, instead of sitting and watching the kids play, I get up and run around the play ground with them. Good for my health and good for my boss to see me interacting with the kids in that way.

So this should help you and I loose some pounds for some semi-impressive bode in a swimsuit, just wish it could make me look as good as Lara Croft. XD