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20-04-06, 17:00
Has anyone here played CLOCK TOWER.

It is a game created for the Playstation One about a disfigured murder who murders the residents of Norway with a huge pair of scissors.

It's really frightening, and unfortunately very rare.

20-04-06, 17:04

20-04-06, 17:07
I have heard about it i think but never played it sounds good in a freaky kind of way

20-04-06, 17:07
I've only played the SNES version, which I think is considered to be the first game, and it's scary as hell. Despite the rather simple graphics, it really managed to scare me more than Resident Evil.

The thought of a 9 year old running around with a huge pair of scissors, trying to kill you is a bit scary :p not to mention the freaky psycho family.

Agent Dee
20-04-06, 17:24
Oh I thought you meant THIS clock tower :ton:


20-04-06, 17:42
Back too the future... watched that today in English for some reason :p

Nope never heard of/played it

James Burgon
20-04-06, 17:47
I remember seeing screenshots in a magazine once, and it looked awesome. Wish i'd got it now.

20-04-06, 18:01
Just had a look on ebay, various copies available of clock tower 3 for ps2, and currently one on ps1, the uk ebay anyway