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20-04-06, 17:50
....I wonder if we have got any rich members on the forums.

Real Life Lara
20-04-06, 17:51
Quite a few I think... I can certainly remember one for sure... wont mention though, up to them if they wanna say :p

20-04-06, 17:51
Yeah, me! I'm rich! :cln: :D


Anyway, yes there probably are. :)

20-04-06, 17:53
Im not rich, my parents have money, i dont though lol.

20-04-06, 17:54
*stares at 70pence on desk*

im not rich, but not desperate to be. as long as i have a sucessfull life i dont need money

20-04-06, 17:56

20-04-06, 18:04
Money isn't everything i thnk

20-04-06, 18:04
Money isn't everything i thnk

20-04-06, 18:06
We have some rich members here I'm sure. One probably has posted in the thread. :D

I'm not one of them though. :(

20-04-06, 18:08
Money isn't everything i thnk

Its maybe not everything, but it has alot to do with everything.

20-04-06, 18:10
Well most of my wealth is from modelling and trust me it's not so simple.

20-04-06, 18:12
Well most of my wealth is from modelling and trust me it's not so simple.

So, you are rich? Are we talking millionaire rich? :D

20-04-06, 18:26
Ok so i own alot of technology related gizmos and i have a breitling watch and i am fond of expensive coats,suits and shoes but i dont wear designer clothing ,and im never short of a couple of hundred quid,im a big horse racing fan and i bet alot but i don't go out and that so thats why i can afford the things i have,i don't get given money alot or anything like that and most of the stuff i own i paid for my self,i do a few odd jobs and that and sometimes get a few quid i wont tell you how i get the money as most of you wont approve.But put it this way im know at my school as the person who can get nearly anything.I usually see something and look at the price and then se what i can get for it,when i went on holiday i saw some sony 1gb cards for 20 i bought 20 then sold them for 35 over here thats one of the many ways i aquire money.

I dont have a job i would like one but the ones i seem to find never really sute me and so i am back to my usual tricks.I look and sometimes i think do i deserve this or not and usually the answer is yes but i would sooner get the things i want in a more legit way.

20-04-06, 18:58
I live in a good house in a nice area, I'm never lacking clean clothes, I've got a good laptop and a 1MB broadband connection, my parents can always afford to pay for the things I need, and I have a brilliant and very supportive family. I have about fifty pence in my bank account but when you leave actual money out of the equation I feel richer than most superstars. :)

20-04-06, 19:16
I used to make quite a bit of money modelling. At one point I was rather exclusive. But the times have changed and I find myself on a runway MAYBE five times a year... I mean, i still have a bit of that money. Most of it in fact. But it's all for something special later on. I live a rather ordinary (or at least what I consider ordinary as people I'm sure have different definitions of it) life. My fiancee however... put it like this, his dad owns four real estate agencies that sell commercial properties and my fiancee is a business partner with his dad until he himself can own his own business(es.) But the family worth on his side is OUTRAGEOUS. Ka-Ching!

20-04-06, 19:20
*stares at her DVD collection, than turns her head to her double bed*

I'm not rich :D

BTW, money, doesn't mean happiness for me. It's just makes you BELIEVE that you're happy :P

20-04-06, 19:21
Its maybe not everything, but it has alot to do with everything.

Yup, i'm not rich but when i earn and save a lot of money it feels damn good!

20-04-06, 19:23
I'm an admitted materialist... it's something I'm working on changing. Jacob you used to model? What agency did you work through?

20-04-06, 20:31
....I wonder if we have got any rich members on the forums.
Thinking of finding a richie and marrying them?

I have £100 somewhere and i'm not allowed to use it... So I'm skint :) Not a single penny to my name.

20-04-06, 20:35
No millionaire here..

20-04-06, 20:35
Big suprice to some of you... I'm Definately!! ... not rich.. I just play it... you know.. act like I'm rich.. Fancy clothes, expensive jewelry, nice car and so on...

20-04-06, 20:36
Money attracts money.

I have no money. Guess I'll never be gettin' any then. :p

Jacob x5
20-04-06, 20:52
I'm so poor I can't even afford toilet roll. I have to use million dollar bills. :(