View Full Version : I have Just Looked Around

20-04-06, 19:13
I have just spent 1-2 a hour looking around the whole forum and at how we speak to each other and the things we post about and well,our community is better than some peoples lives and well we have got some of the cleverist people on our forums from the guys and gals in artwork to the mods,i just can't believe how good it really is.Its better than some of the other forums i have been on in ages.

So i would just like to say thanks to the mods and that for keeping the forum up and running

20-04-06, 19:14
thanks for not banning me :D

20-04-06, 19:16
Thanks, i am hoping you meant me when you refered to the people in the arty forum :p Tis' a great forum, i love it here :jmp:

20-04-06, 19:21
I find this also to be a step up
from most boards I've been on. :tmb:

I do have to rein myself in at times though
and not speak so spontainious as I would
elsewhere...., hehe!

But that is not a bad thing, neccesarily. :)

Jacob x5
20-04-06, 19:40
Maybe Tomb Raider is a magical game that turns you into a wonderful person. :D

I would have to agree. This is a wonderful forum and pretty much everyone here is willing to listen to what you have to say and would be more than happy to make friends with you. In real life, at school, I often find that even if I start speaking, even if I'm not talking to the person, someone will interrupt me with "Shut up your stupid ginger ----, no-one cares" or something similar (replacing the '----' with really the worst in the book (as far as I know), which just shows how bad some peoples' language is, particularly as they do it so frequently). This forum is a huge contrast. :)

20-04-06, 19:46
Yep, I've been here a little while now and I reckon this forum is The Real Deal. A community of like-minded people who respect each other's views and bend over backwards to help and support each other. Everyone should be proud of that :)

20-04-06, 21:36
i think the admins and mods have worked hard to create an inviting atmosphere and perhaps the intelligence and skill it takes to finish a tomb raider game appeals to a wise and understanding type of person. for whatever reason. this forum is certainly better than any i've been to before.