View Full Version : Please Show Your Support For Jason

21-04-06, 08:36
Dear members,

My confidentiality precludes me from divulging specific information by nature.

However, I feel I must ask you all, without details being given by myself, to please show a shoulder of support for our lovely, kind and helpful member JasonDavies15 - a member who is going through an extremely poignant and upsetting experience at this moment in time.

I have offered Jason my telephone details in order that he can contact me ASAP so that I can call him back and offer my support.

I regret that I am unable to elaborate but I am quite sure that Jason would take comfort in hearing some nice words at this moment in time. Please join me in offering some kind and thoughtful words - Jason you are the best and I am here for you day and night.

Lo :hug:

21-04-06, 08:39
This is quite offensive, to him I mean.

tlr online
21-04-06, 08:41
While I have no doubt of your earnest and good intentions SUGARPIE, I would prefer we respect JasonDavies15's privacy. If Jason needs to talk, we are all here.