View Full Version : Anyone played the Hitman Blood Money demo?

21-04-06, 13:05
If you have what do you think to it?

My impressions;
- Short! The demo is not long at all
- Pretty. The graphics are rather good although 47 needs a polish over
- Easier. Although the demo is the training level it seems a little easy really.
- Wierd, the 1st person perspective has no sway so it feels like your hovering along!


Lara Lover
21-04-06, 13:07
Oh, Where do you download the demo?

21-04-06, 13:08
You dont AFAIK. I got the ps2 demo in the official magazine.

Lara Lover
21-04-06, 13:09
Ah, I want the PC Demo ;)

21-04-06, 13:16
Hitman Blood Money looks really good and i can't wait to get it