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22-04-06, 01:32
:wve: I have a couple of questions for the Sims 2 lovers out there!
How do I create a vampire Sim? Or where can I find one because I've never seen one. Second how can I make my own custom hair, clothes, etc for my Sims?

22-04-06, 02:22
By vampire sim do you mean teeth? I've seen custom lipsticks with the fangs on but for an actual vampire you'd need the Nightlife package.

As for making hair and clothes etc, you need to do this via bodyshop, and you need photoshop. Its a lot to explain though, if you google it you should be able to find some tutorials :)
If you want to make special hairstyles and clothes then you need to learn to make meshes first :eek: which is a little more complicated. Again there are some tutorials on the net.

22-04-06, 02:25
Sounds complicated!
I have Nightlife, so can I create a vampire Sim like I would create a normal sim? There are a lot of differences I think. The teeth, the skin tone, the clothes etc. You should be able to choose these things but I haven't seen them.

Oh and when I say vampire Sim I don't mean only the teeth, I mean like a whole vampire from head to toe lol :D

22-04-06, 02:30
Its very complicated! lol
I don't know about vampires and nightlife as I don't have the package, but you could make a vampire in the sims 2 with pale skin, black hair, etc. You can download a lot of clothes and skins and hair etc too, from the official sims 2 website: http://thesims2.ea.com/ They even have custom made sims you can download and I'm pretty sure there are tons of vampires to choose from. :)

22-04-06, 02:32
Ok, thanks alot :)

22-04-06, 02:33
No probs :hug: They have a few tutorials there too. :D