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22-04-06, 09:04
This is a major long shot, but by any chance, did anyone got Indiana Jones & The Infernal Machine to run fine on a XP machine? I just thought maybe someone in here knew because of how much the Indy game resembles TR.


22-04-06, 09:05
???maybe Technical Support???

Mona Sax
22-04-06, 11:17
I played it on XP. No problems, as far as I could see. :tmb:

22-04-06, 11:36
God.. I havnt played that game in agggeeeeesss.. Love it though!
I'm not sure if it will run on XP, but I would think it should do. Try changing compatability modes and try it. Right click it > properties > compatability > windows 98/ME > Ok.