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22-04-06, 15:27
Pls vist the site


That is the link. The company freepay give u an ipod to complete and offer and tell 5 other people about it and get them to complete an offer.
Here is a forum that has other people who have recieved it, plus some coverage from the news.


It works by the company getting payed to advertise company and they do this with offer. Its only avalible in US, CANADA and UK

If you do decide to do this please click the first url in this post, I still need 4 referal. If you need help pls ask. I'd suggest completing the ebay as its easyest. (It does take a few days for it to say you've completed an offer)

Also is there anyone here that has used this site?

22-04-06, 15:28
I think there was a thread about this some time ago. It got closed.

22-04-06, 15:28
Yes i have done this for a laptop and well i got a laptop bag in the end

22-04-06, 15:28
I don't think where alowed to advertise on this forum......

22-04-06, 15:29
these things suck.

22-04-06, 15:29
This sounds like a dodgy pyramid scheme...think I'll give it a miss :p

22-04-06, 16:27
It seems to be a perfect hoax and the fact you made of this your first topic it makes it look even more suspicious.

22-04-06, 16:48
the link doesn't work

22-04-06, 17:06
Its a conn

22-04-06, 17:09
Pyramid schemes not allowed here. Links removed, thread closed.

Doesn't look like you'd find too many takers here anyway. ;)