View Full Version : Anyone looking forward to Hitman Blood money.

22-04-06, 23:16
... well, and i want the 360 demo :D. I love Hitman games really open ended in what u can do.

22-04-06, 23:59
I never played hitman...but it does have an interesting gameplay concept...I might try it out on my PC when demo come out :D

23-04-06, 00:57
Yes. I am. It's my favourite games series of all times!

1. Hitman series
2. Fahrenheit
3. Curse of Monkey Island
4. Heroes 2

23-04-06, 02:27
I didn't like Hitman Contracts too much, so that kind of turned me off the game. This one does look a lot better though.

average stalker
23-04-06, 03:43
contracts was basically just a re-release of the first game. i played hitman 2 for pc and ps2, but the controls are sooooooooooo much better for the pc.

23-04-06, 14:23
Of course they are, the series started as a PC-ONLY title (BTW that's how the series should have STAYED!). Besides shooter games are just made to be played with a mouse.

Oh and Contracts wasn't a re-release of the first game. About half of the missions were remakes from the first game but they were completely different. Not only the environment was completely different but the objectives were slightly modified also. Basically if you played the first game and figured out the levels you can't just come into this game and do it exactly the same because things are different, very different.

Contracts is my favourite of the series. It was really cool to hear my language in the first two levels (Meat King's party). :jmp: I play it from time to time just for fun to try out new things, disguises, tactics etc.