View Full Version : Silly Question really - but should I change my Avatar?

24-04-06, 14:20
I still like the Avatar I have at the moment but I also made an animation of Mei Ling from MGS1 which took some time to make, but after bringing it down to 15kb I'm reconsidering replacing my current avvy with the one below, I can't decide whether to replace now or perhaps later - I know it's a silly question but I can't decide.. :confused:

This is the avatar I'm thinking of having:


The above is with it's original quality. :)

24-04-06, 14:23
Is that Mei Ling from MGS?! :)
It's cute and nice. You decide. :)

24-04-06, 14:25
Yep, there's rumours she's going to be in MGS4 on the PS3 too :D

24-04-06, 14:27
Well Elen states that you can change after 2 weeks so why not keep your existing one to file and then have a two-week trial on your new one. No harm done if you decide you are not keen, but I must say that both avatars are lovely :)

24-04-06, 14:28
Oh, I like her! She always had nice little Chinese proverbs! :)
Would be great if she came back for MGS4! Rose in MGS2 was... Annoying!

24-04-06, 14:34
This is what it looks like at 15kb,



Capt. Murphy
24-04-06, 14:38
Can you make it larger? :D The size (length x width. Not bytes necessarily). :) Unless they have a limit. :(

I say use it. :tmb:

24-04-06, 14:40
I did try making it bigger but the file size ended up being too big, I'll give it a try thanks for the advice people! :wve: