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25-04-06, 14:35
Hmm, just wondering does anyone else here have different types of body mods?

As in Piercings, Tattoos.etcetc.

Only reason I'm asking is, I have my ears stretched to 20mm and wanting to go to about an inch (25mm) and the progress seems to be differcult.

On another note, if anyone does have different types, please list.
Myself ;
Half - Finished forearm sleeve inked.
Both ears stretched to 20mm.
and Nose piercing.


Legend of Lara
25-04-06, 15:26
You scare me. :tea:

25-04-06, 15:43
Nope, dont like jewelery, only watches :ton:

Legend of Lara
25-04-06, 15:46
Nope, dont like jewelery, only watches :ton:

Watches are a necessity in the modern world.:tea:

25-04-06, 15:50
Watches are a necessity in the modern world.:tea:

Not for me... I don't have one. :pi: :p

Anyway, I have each ear pierced twice. :)

25-04-06, 16:52
I ahve a bionic nose...hehehe

25-04-06, 16:54
Just me ears pierced (once) but I rarely wear earrings, I find them irritating.

25-04-06, 16:55
I have one tattoo, i used to have my lip pierced on the lower right side, until i got bored of it and took it out.

25-04-06, 16:58
I have a belly button (sp?) pearcing and I had 3 pearsings on my ears but now I have 2 because the 3rd one.... I don't know how to say it in english. And I willl make at least 3 tattoos when I get older and I will make 3 more pearcings :D I like tattoos and pearcings!!! :D
BTW: 300 POSTS!!!!!!!!

25-04-06, 17:02
Not for me... I don't have one. :pi: :p

Anyway, I have each ear pierced twice. :)

I thought I was the only person who didn't wear a watch!

My body has not been altered, except by time...

25-04-06, 17:08
I don't have any...
Wanted some facial piercings in my teens, but glad I didn't get any!

25-04-06, 17:10
I have one tattoo so far, will be taking a second one this summer probably :)

25-04-06, 17:23
The ones I'll talk about, ears and nose.

25-04-06, 17:24
The ones I'll talk about, ears and nose.

hehehe, I'm guessing a few genital piercings then....:D

25-04-06, 17:45
i got my ears pierced twice and thats it...hopefully i'll get my ear cartilage pierced soon too :)

25-04-06, 17:47
I've got four tattoos and my tongue pierced.

Sirius Black
25-04-06, 18:36
I gotta Tiger tat on my left arm, a chinese dragon on my right arm, a pierced eyebrow and a pierced nipple.


25-04-06, 18:52
I gotta Tiger tat on my left arm, a chinese dragon on my right arm, a pierced eyebrow and a pierced nipple.

COOOOOOOOOL a pierced nipple!

Capt. Murphy
25-04-06, 20:01
I have a metal knee joint its awesome.

G_____l peircing. That's nice. Especially in an all age forum.

25-04-06, 20:09
I have an earing.. :ton: But I wanna get a tattoo soon though. :wve:

25-04-06, 20:16
I have a tatoo down the right side of my tummy and an ear piercing... had a nipple piercing came out... in an accident. Painful

25-04-06, 20:45
Ear piercings:

- 2 on each lobe (first two holes were gauged with 16" hoops, but I took them out)
- Cartilige

Other piercings:

- Bellybutton


- None (...yet, I want one on my lower right side of my stomach, really small though, Chinese symbol for 'hope')

25-04-06, 21:00
Pierced ears, that's it. :p

Mister Mike
25-04-06, 21:26
Ears and labret.

No tattoos yet. :)

08-01-08, 21:06
Again, I didnt want to make a new thread. Please tell me if this is wrong, it just seems to make more sense to bring the old one to the top rather than make a new one..of the same topic :S.

I have had pierced:
Right side lip
Left side lip
Middle lip
Belly button
Septum (middle of nose, bottom)
Bridge (top of nose, between eyes)
Left eyebrow
24mm plug in left ear
6 or 7 right ear piercings.

I now have in:
Right side lip.
I reduced my gauge to 8mm.

I'll look for photos.


Lip, septum and ear.


08-01-08, 21:26
Touchthesky, please do not bump old threads...

08-01-08, 21:27
Okay my apologies


The Artful Dodger, from the 1968 version, played by Jack Wild :].


And a shark.

Favourite animals, makes sense.

08-01-08, 21:44
Tattoos > I'd like to have one, better said two. I know exactly where I want them, and how and all that. But what it'll be? Sorry, I keep that rather to myself. ;)

Piercings > none yet. Maybe I'll get some later. Though I do have my ears pierced twice. :)

09-01-08, 03:33
Tattoos : 5 Upper arm/shoulder
Piercing : 3 Ear

Upcoming : Vampire teeth :D

09-01-08, 04:58
Only my ears are pierced. I'm thinking about another pierce in my my ear, but I got my first one when I was baby. One friend told me it just pinches, one told me it hurts, and one told me it doesn't hurt at all.

09-01-08, 09:46
I've got a smiley on my foot, a star on my stomach and a star on my arm tattooed :)

09-01-08, 10:09
I've only pierced my ears once, no other body mods for me :)

Melonie Tomb Raider
09-01-08, 10:26
Ears are pierced. And do scars count? I got a scar on my foot from burning it. O.o

09-01-08, 10:32
Things im gettin done

-Piercin my lip
-Piercin my eyebrow

And im gettin a tattoo of Lara

09-01-08, 11:04
I have both my ears peirced, and i'm gonna get my tounge peirced soon

09-01-08, 11:42
Even tatoo (must re-made a little). Gonna peirced ma chin this summer (I guess) and I want one more tatoo 'The Velvet Underground'

09-01-08, 12:12
I thought you were talking about car parts

09-01-08, 12:20
Wow, old thread. Well, now I have three tattoos, planning on taking a fourth one soon. Besides ear piercings, I have one on my lip and planning on taking another one next week.

ben croft
09-01-08, 12:40
I have a piercing on my left nipple, and soon a tattoo.


09-01-08, 12:42
I have 4 ear piercings in each ear, and 3 tattoos: a wolf, an arrow-pierced heart (both on my lower abdomen), and a moon in clouds on my "toe cleavage". I used to have a belly button ring, but I let it close up.

Another Lara
09-01-08, 12:50
I have my ears pierced once... but hardly ever wear earrings!
I used to have a belly button piercing, but it went septic so now I have a nasty scar there... Don't really like piercings anymore!:o

But I currently have 7 tattoos, and I plan to get more... not that many more though as I'm running out of places to put them and for them to stay discreet!:pi:

Alex Fly
09-01-08, 12:54
I have a tatoo and my ears pierced (each one once). ;)

09-01-08, 13:02
My mom had my ears pierced when I was little so that it wouldn't hurt much, but I haven't worn earrings for ages. Jewelry is just too uncomfortable to wear everyday, the only thing I can bear with is a ring.:p

09-01-08, 13:16
I don't have any body mods.
No piercings, no tattoos, none.

09-01-08, 13:19
Touchthesky, we usually consider threads bumped if they're more than about 4-6 weeks old. Going back to 2006 is a bit excessive ;) You're more than welcome to start a new thread in this instance :hug:

I have both my ears pierced, though I'm considering having another piercing added to one of them. Haven't decided where yet :pi: Hmm... top or bottom...

09-01-08, 13:21
Okay, I'll keep that in mind next time! :).
I'm debating a Cheshire Cat (Disney version) on my left shoulder.
Not sure yet though. I'll wait until my 18th birthday for it though.

09-01-08, 15:12
Touchthesky, we usually consider threads bumped if they're more than about 4-6 weeks old. Going back to 2006 is a bit excessive ;) You're more than welcome to start a new thread in this instance :hug:

Usually the first reply someone gets in that case is a link to the old thread. Specially if daventry is replying! :D As we say in portuguese, we're "arrested for having a dog and arrested for not having one". :vlol:

Anyways, I have 2 tattoos. One is the Little Prince, in the back of my shoulder. :p The other is the skeleton soldier from The Black Parade, on my arm. I want to have more, and possibly a piercing too.

09-01-08, 15:40
Not got any at the moment. But I should be getting snakebite piercings soon.

09-01-08, 16:47
I have a fake tatoo on my left hand :whi: *cough*gelpens*cough*

09-01-08, 17:19
Just both ears pierced once :D

09-01-08, 17:20
Both ears pierced. I wanna get a tattoo someday.

09-01-08, 17:51
10 ear piercings including a scaffold.
Bellybutton and nose.:)

09-01-08, 18:15
I have my Lip pierced, on the bottom left. I also have my left ear pierced, at the bottom. I want an eyebrow piercing next :)

09-01-08, 18:23
no piercings, no tattoos only scars and scorches :wve:

09-01-08, 18:28
8 piercings - labret, tongue, nape, 3x earlobe, industrial. :D

09-01-08, 18:30
I don't have any piercings or tattoos but I'd like to get a tattoo soon.

Lara's home
09-01-08, 19:10
I don't, and If Im ever getting something. It would be a small tattoo on my ass tbh.

09-01-08, 19:12


09-01-08, 19:13


no thanks :wve: