View Full Version : Are you looking forward to E3?

25-04-06, 16:50
Should be exciting this year with Sony and Nintendo really going for it. I cant wait to see both machines! :jmp:

25-04-06, 16:51
I don't have any tickets...:(

25-04-06, 16:52
I can't believe it's almost already been a year. WOW. I'm excited though!

25-04-06, 16:54
I only have E4!.:D

25-04-06, 16:57
I cant wait either, i cant believe its been a whole year aswell, man time flys.

25-04-06, 17:24
I'm jot that excited at the moment but when the videos start rolling in I'm sure I will be :jmp: !

25-04-06, 17:32
I only have E4!.:D

:vlol: :vlol: :vlol:

25-04-06, 17:33
Yes i am actully looking forward to it this year i think with there being alot about the ps3 things will become clearer

But im more excitted about new Microsofts New Os Vista

25-04-06, 17:48
i am looking foward to see what the future holds for the 360. ALso prices of PS3 etc. Excited about info on TR8 (hopeing) or TR 10th anniversary. I am hopeing on hearing stuff about Star wars knights of the old republic 3 (hopeing again). Also the new Darth Vader game :D What happened between episode 3 and 4 (that is reall apparently). Maybe Halo 3. Just lots of stuff really :D

25-04-06, 17:49
But im more excitted about new Microsofts New Os Vista

Will that be at E3. That should be very interesting :D

25-04-06, 18:36
But im more excitted about new Microsofts New Os Vista

Whats that? :confused:

EDIT Sorry, i get it! A new version of Windows?

25-04-06, 18:40
Darkfall wont have a booth there, but the Razorwax devs will be there to scope out the new competition.

25-04-06, 18:51
Maybe we'll find some real news about Tomb Raider 10th anniversary edition!

Lara Lover
25-04-06, 19:01
Yes, I can't wait for E3. I can't wait to see Vista :D or maybe Legend PSP style. Or PS3 :D

Leon xXx
25-04-06, 19:18
i am looking forward for god of war 2.

did u guys see the trailer..... it blow my mind

25-04-06, 19:33
I can't wait!

This year is gonna seriously rock!

All companies are gonna give it their all this year. Sony will no doubt unveil everything about PS3 - price, release date, controller, specs, games etc etc

Microsoft will go to their limit to try and steal the show. Halo 3 anyone?

I am drooling at the prospect of E3 demos and trailers appearing on the marketplace.

25-04-06, 19:42
:jmp: You think E3 demos will make it to marketplace!! That would be so cool! I cant wait till E3, i am very excited to learn more about Biowares new RPG for the 360, Mass Effect, and Gears of War :D! Even though i hated Halo 2, i am excited for news of Halo 3. Though i do doubt its very existence.

25-04-06, 19:55
Yes it's the new version of Windows, and it's already pretty good in beta. I'm not going to E3 this year but we do have a few staff members who will be and I can't wait to see what they come up with. In a nutshell yes I am very excited.

25-04-06, 19:56
I can't wait! :D Lol, wanna see how the PS3 games are shaping up... and also some of the new Nintendo (Next-Gen) games. :)